Kyle, Natalie & Raul – USMC Twentynine Palms

Congratulations to Kyle, Natalie, & Raul for graduating recently and passing their CDL on their first try! The three of them had a couple of words to share about their time with us.

Kyle & Raul first wrote about why they came to California Career School.

“Because of certification you get out of CCS and because it’s more hands on than sitting in a class room all day.”

“Getting ready to leave the arm forces and was not sure what kind of job I wanted to do.”

Quite a number of our students are often on the way out of the military and asking themselves, “What next?” Entering the trucking industry, which is always hiring, becomes a reliable alternative. Training is hands-on right away.

Was there a moment, we asked them, that really stood out for them personally during training?

“Everyday was an eye-opener.”

“Driving, when I first drove I felt that I was doing the right thing. Felt like something I wanted to make a career out of.”

“Just being able to drive a truck.”

We know that military duties always come first– as such, we pride ourselves on offering a flexible training schedule to our military students.

“Overall, the way the school really cares about us as students. Being a Marine, our bosses just want us to be at work. The school on the other hand, has always adapted to our schedules as students and works with us.”

“Flexible, there’s days I can’t make it, or I leave to field-ops and the school understands.”

Lastly, we asked our students if there was anything else that they wanted to share with others who are thinking about going to CCS.

“They will work with you, to understand, and know a semi from inside out.”

“Everything. Out of the other driving schools around, this one by far is the best. Students really do drive the school’s success, and the success statistics prove it. CCS offers more endorsements and the instructors will do whatever it takes it make it happen.”

Once again, congratulations to the three of you and we wish you luck in everything ahead!