Aaron Peralta Overcomes Training Hurdles

“My challenge started from day one. Just everything from written tests to driving the truck was a challenge but I knew I had the best teachers and they taught me well,” described Aaron Peralta, new graduate of the commercial truck driving course from Twentynine Palms.

During training, students must memorize the truck pre-trip and be able to describe and perform the 5 point brake test. After this, they move on to practice the various skills tests that the DMV demands–everything from parallel parking to the alley dock. Lastly, the more seat time, the better. Just driving is the third main part of the training.

“After my second try of my driving test I was giving up, I wasn’t gonna try it again,” Aaron told us. Our administrative assistant Sarah shared, “When Aaron called in to the office, he was telling me that he was getting discouraged. I had to remind him to keep pushing on– just one more try!”

At the DMV, you have three chances to take your road test before you must start over and retake your written permit test once again. Aaron said, “I was about to say, ‘just screw this, I’m done,’ but Ward, Andrew, and Garrette were like, ‘try it one more time and we guarantee you you’ll pass.’ So thanks guys.”

The day before he had to leave Twentynine Palms, Aaron passed on his third attempt at the San Bernardino CDL office. He said that his instructors were, “Encouraging, motivating, willing to teach.” Overall the most valuable thing for Aaron was, “flexible hours [and] the teachers that have the patience to teach us how to drive. […] Instructors tell you step by step everything you got to do to succeed.”

“[The] course [was] very challenging ’cause I didn’t know anything about trucks. Scary at times but I knew that with the instructors I had I was gonna do good.”

Once again, we congratulate Aaron for making this achievement and we wish him the best in all his endeavors!