Board of Advisors

The purpose of the Board of Advisors is to review the established curricula of each training program, instructional materials, equipment, facilities and student achievement outcomes as means to provide the school with an external review of its programs and to help insure all programs are relevant to the industry where the students will be working.

What this means for students, employers, and others with whom we partner is that with the rapid nature of change within the industry, California Career School stays in very close contact to make sure we provide quality, up to date, and practical training for our students. Marcelle Gerard, California Career School’s Placement and Advisory Board Coordinator, shared with us the main topics discussed in these meetings. “The basic things are the equipment, the curriculum, the instructors, the facilities, the workforce in that industry, the number of jobs available and what the employers are looking for.” Bear in mind that advisory board members can be owners of an auto repair shop, machine shop, or hiring managers at trucking companies. Contacts like these are able to share more expedient and fruitful methods for performing job searches to help us assist our alumni with securing employment. The insights provided by these experts are invaluable. [Read the rest of the advisory board spotlight…]