Abram Hernandez Earns New Skill

“My… only obstacle was that I had never driven stick before but thanks to the instructors I was able to pick up fast,” said Pendleton graduate Abram Hernandez. “Being able to downshift… smoothly!! That was probably my biggest thing that I was having trouble with. […] I would always dump the clutch and stall out on hills, but I got the hang of it when I understood the way the truck would pull when I released slowly.”

With the help of his instructors, Abram overcame what incoming students find to be a challenge with the course, especially since the majority of American drivers today do not have experience with manual transmission, an item key to every truck driver’s skill set.

“You’re able to take someone like me, a person with no experience driving manual or big vehicles and give us the basic skills to master at our own pace and still push us to strive faster and farther than we thought we could go.”

Abram further shared with us, “[This] school will teach you everything you need to know and not set you up for failure. […] It is a great school with great instructors and the people you meet here are from so many sides of the spectrum– it makes every day interesting.”

Right now, Abram will be returning to his home state, Texas in pursuit of a job working in the oil industry. He is working closely with our placement department so that he can utilize his training to its fullest. We wish Abram good luck in his future endeavors and, once again, congratulations on his successful graduation!