After Driving Over the Road

“Hello, my name is Joe Droegemeier. I am retired from the US Army with 20 years of service and like most vets, I didn’t really know what I wanted to get into. I had little over a year to go when I received a call from Geoff Berner (Counselor California Career School) presenting me with the idea of driving a truck once I retired from the Army.

I began training with the California Career School while I was still on active duty with the Army. California Career School allowed me to do my training on weekends (military personnel only) up until the time I was ready to test at the DMV. I was also able to use tuition assistance through the military and the company i drove for paid back my portion of what was left after tuition assistance.

After driving over the road, I now drive local and see my family every night.

Joe Droegemeier”