BIT Inspection

Our buses were subject to an Annual Inspection as part of the Biennial Inspection of Terminals (BIT inspection) just this past week and our school successfully earned their satisfactory rating! The CHP’s highest mark is the satisfactory rating as listed on below.

In BIT inspection documentation, it shows that, “The CHP’s role is to determine whether carriers’ selected maintenance schedules are adequate to prevent collisions or mechanical breakdowns involving the vehicles, and all required maintenance and driver records are prepared and retained as required by law. These same basic requirements are applied to all carriers, large and small.”

A terminal rated satisfactory is one that is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Minor deficiencies or defects may exist as long as highway safety is not jeopardized.

Criteria for assignment of a Satisfactory rating include:

A) Vehicle/equipment condition reflects effective preventive maintenance practices.
B) Vehicle records reflect compliance with applicable mandated inspection intervals; clearly identify inspection, service, and lubrication intervals; document services and repairs performed; and reflect the actual condition of the vehicles.
C) Drivers’ daily vehicle inspections are performed and documented. Defects noted are corrected promptly.
D) Vehicles are not operated with out-of-service conditions or defects of a long standing nature.
E) Drivers’ timekeeping records are in use and are current. Retention intervals are complied with.
F) Drivers’ timekeeping records reflect compliance with hours-of-service requirements.
G) Records reflect compliance with DMV EPN requirements.
H) Required driver proficiency records are on file.
I) The terminal/shipper is in compliance with HM/waste requirements.

Our MCI-12 bus was the primary subject of this inspection and was assessed on these bus-specific items:

1) Do you perform a safety inspection at least every 45 days on each tour bus? VC 34505(a)
2) Do your 45-day safety inspections include at least the following: VC 34505(a)
(a) Brake adjustment?
(b) Brake system components and leaks?
(c) Steering and suspension systems?
(d) Tires and wheels?
3) Are defects which are noted during 45-day inspections corrected prior to operating the tour bus on the highway? VC 34505(b)
4) Do 45-day inspection records include: VC 34505(c)
(a) Identification of the vehicle including, make, model, license number, or other means of positive identification?
(b) Date and nature of each inspection and repair performed?
(c) The signature of your authorized representative attesting to the inspection and to the completion of all required repairs?
5) Are these inspection records retained for at least one year? VC 34505(c)

Students can rest assured that California Career School vehicles undergo regular maintenance to meet the standards as required by organizations such as the
California Highway Patrol.