Carlos Casarez Plans His New Career

Carlos Casarez graduated with his class A license from our Twentynine Palms training location. “CCS had an outstanding reputation on base for being better than the competition– which is why I chose it,” he told us.

“I’m getting out of the Marine Corps active duty, and was looking for a solid back up plan for the future but with as many opportunities as I found out a driver with a CDL has, it slowly became my primary plan.”

When Carlos described his training, he shared, “A light bulb moment for [me] has to have been each time I drove because [instructor] Ward always complemented me on my improvements which I believe helped out the most […] Ward always helped me each step of the way, which led me to not have any difficulties.”

“CCS works around our schedule, which as a Marine is very helpful because each day is very different.” For active duty military, CCS offers a flexible training schedule which includes nights and weekends in order to help prioritize military duties.

“Don’t hesitate, CCS is a very great school who is flexible with your schedule,” Carlos last told us.

Once again, we would like to congratulate Carlos on his successful completion of the course and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

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