Homeland Security Baton Training

Here at California Career School, we pride ourselves on having a lot of hands on training. The students enjoy it and it makes for a better learning experience. There are many different techniques to handle a baton: different stances and grips, procedures to drawing your baton out from its holster, where to hit someone and not to hit someone, and blocking methods.

BSIS states that “Any uniformed security guard who successfully completes a course of instruction is entitled to receive a permit to carry and use a baton within the scope of his or her employment, issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs.” California Career School is an authorized BSIS certified training institution to issue permits to carry and use a baton.

photo 4photo 2Above is our instructor showing the class how to hold a baton and different defense moves for all types of attacks. The students were sharing many laughs and look forward to what lies ahead.

Oil and Energy Rep coming to Twentynine Palms

IPS Flyer_CCS July 25th (3)

Oil Company Employer Presentation in Twentynine Palms

CUDD Energy Services is seeking people available to start work within the next six months!
If you are interested in going in the oil and gas industry please contact CCS for more information.

Applicants must have a strong desire to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry and have completed an accredited Class A CDL School or are currently enrolled and will obtain Class A CDL prior to the hire start date.

California Career School has assisted in placement in over 300 graduates for careers in the oil and gas industry and are very familiar with assisting you in obtaining your CDL and required endorsements prior to your start date as well as assisting you in the application process.

Job Duties include:
Driving the equipment to and from location is only small portion of your job duties and responsibilities. The majority of your time will be spent assisting in various aspects of hydraulic fracturing (stimulation) operations to include pre-job preparation, mobilization, rig up, on site operations, rig down, on-site maintenance, safety, environmental assurance, de-mobilization, and post job inventories and maintenance on heavy equipment.


CES Flyer 29 Palms presentation

Working as a Security Guard: Is It Right for You?

security-guard-training-anaheimSecurity guards are going to have to deal with a number of different responsibilities each and every day they come into work. They are the ones who are responsible for protecting individuals from theft, fires, terrorism, vandalism and a whole host of other dangerous threats. Security guards make sure everyone is safe by patrolling the area and using a surveillance system to watch over the property.

Similar to a police office, a number of guards carry around weapons of their own for protection. The tasks of these individuals is going to vary based upon where they work. A transportation guard is going to use a detector to screen anyone who is going to ride on the train, plane, bus, etc. When working as a security guard at one of the local casinos, you will be responsible for surveying anyone in the establishment to make sure no one is cheating or gambling before being of age.

Even though movie theaters tend to give security professionals a bad name by saying they are often sleeping on the job, there isn’t a lot of down time for those working in this field. You have to be on your toes at all times. There is no way to determine when something is going to happen, so a security guard has to be paying attention at all times for suspicious activity.

According to information from the BLS, the security guard profession is expected to continue expanding at a rate of 12.1 percent through 2022. With vandalism, crime and terrorism on the rise, the need for security guards is going to continue to increase. Throughout 2022, there will be an additional 129,600 jobs for security professionals that will need to be filled.

Do I Need a Special Type of Training to Work as a Security Guard?

Even though the majority of employers want to hire someone who has their high school diploma and some formal education, that isn’t always a requirement. Having worked in law enforcement or being in the military is to your advantage. Since employers are often going to run a background check before they hire someone, you want to make sure your record is clean.

Depending on the employer, a drug test might also be required before being hired. Most of the time, you will go through an orientation at the job site that outlines all of your responsibilities and your role in the company. An armed guard needs to have the proper certification to carry a weapon. Additional training on-the-job is also going to be required.

From one state to the next, the policies and procedures are going to vary for those working in the field. By getting the proper training, you can ensure a successful career in a growing field for years to come.

Helping People Start Their New Career

This past May, California Career School hosted a career resource fair at our Anaheim location. It was filled with several vendors who presented information about their need for more employees. All of the vendors had contacted us in search of someone to hire from our school. There were also other resources available such as financial planning or different funding available. Some of our Twentynine Palms and Oceanside students came to receive information from their areas of interest and joined in the fun. One of them was selected in a raffle and won a USMC jersey.

Donnavin, the Instructor Supervisor, stood at our booth for all of those that came from surrounding cities. People were also able to sit in on presentations from companies and learn about what they offer. Some of our current students were offered jobs on the spot, while other people were told if they attended our program that they would be qualified to work at their company.

CCS is always trying to help the community and show people that there are many opportunities out there, and with just a little bit of training, you too, can start your career.


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Requirements and Training Needed to be an Auto Technician

auto-mechanic-anaheim-caAuto mechanics are craftsmen specializing in repairing and maintaining motor vehicles. These individuals aren’t doing the same things they once did years ago. Their role has changed dramatically over the years where they now have to handle a bunch of highly evolved technology, as well as all of the basic mechanical systems for customers.

Training Recommendations and Requirements

An auto mechanic is one who is skilled in being able to diagnose any problems, complete repairs, provide an estimate for the cost of repairs and maintain the vehicle before them. These individuals have to know how to properly use all of the power tools and diagnostic equipment in the shop around them. Customer service and experience working with computers is also important in this field.

Even though it might be possible to land a job in the field with nothing more than your high school diploma, many individuals end up pursuing a career in the industry only after getting their associate’s degree in a related field. Auto mechanics have the option of becoming certified officially.

Formal Education Needs

Most of those who make their way into the field started educating themselves through some form of training in high school. Many individuals also opt to continue their education by enrolling in some form of formal education program at a vocational school or local community college. Some dealerships or auto repair shops will provide their employees with training through the local college that focuses on working with specific models and makes of vehicles.

Certificate Program

Most of the time, you can get your certificate in less than a year. Students have the option of studying electrical systems, engine repair and manual transmissions.

Associate Degree Programs

An Associate Degree is often a two-year program that introduces the students to all of the basic skills relating to auto repair. Students can opt to take courses in a number of different subjects, such as suspension, engine reconditioning and auto electronics. Most of the time, the curriculum will include a number of different general education courses.

Job Experience

Students will often go through a lot of supervised training during their formal education program. A lot of the experience is also related to the job where the mechanics will have the chance to work alongside some of the best trained professionals in the industry. Many of those who enter the field star off as a trainee and spend a significant amount of time learning all of the basics to auto repair.

Two years of experience is often needed before the trainee is able to advance into a full out technician capable of handling advanced repairs and service requests. Before becoming proficient in repair specialties, you will need a number of years of training.

CCS Career Resource Fair

Mark your calendars for this fantastic opportunity! CCS is hosting a career and resource fair this Thursday right here in Anaheim.  If you need a job or are looking to secure your future, THIS is where you need to be. There will be employers seeking quality employees and offering them an opportunity to meet with our students along with friends, family, and those looking to join the industry. There will be interviews administered by employers along with conditional pre employment offers. This is a great opportunity to meet with many companies at one time and select those you may want to work for. We will see you there!




How to Comply with the Hours-of-Service Regulations

What they are? The hours-of-service regulations were set in place to provide safety to all drivers. They regulate when and how long you may drive so to reduce driver fatigue. The hours-of-service regulations are found in Part 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

What are the limits? Specific limits are placed on the amount of time you may drive your truck and how many total hours you can work before you are no longer permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle.
There is a 14 hour “driving window” limit and an 11 hour “driving limit”.

14 Hour Driving Window
This is the daily limit where you can drive up to 11 hours; the remaining hours may be used to fill up gas, inspection, waiting at a terminal, etc. A person will not be allowed to drive again until they have been off duty for at least 10 consecutive hours.
*Commonly known as 11-14-10*

11 Hour Driving Limit
You are only allowed to drive your truck up to the 11 total hours as stated above. Since June 30, 2013, driving is not permitted if more than 8 hours have passed since the end of the driver’s last off-duty. A 30-minute break is mandatory for all drivers if they have driven 8 consecutive hours.

photo 2

On-Duty vs. Off-Duty
Time spent On-Duty is part of your 14 hour limit of daily working hours. Any time you are working for a motor carrier whether paid or not is considered on-duty. Time spent at a plant, terminal, or facility is considered on-duty, along with loading or unloading. Any pre or post-trip inspections are on duty as well.

Off-duty time is when you are relieved of all duty and responsibility for performing work. When you can walk away from your truck and leave it where it is parked to experience any fun activities that you choose to do; such as sightseeing, exercise, etc.

Penalties for Violating
Minimum penalties would include putting a person out of service until they have met the requirements. A log book examination would be performed, resulting in a $1500 minimum fine, but can range in price depending on if there have been multiple violations. It will go on your permanent record with the DOT for 3 years and can be viewed by perspective employers and other government agencies. Also a person can be terminated if violations continue.

Student describes his experience at CCS

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Eugene Cannida came to California Career School today after he  received his Commercial Drivers license three days prior. He states that we are not just a school but a family and he wanted to see everyone again. CCS has placed over 300 graduates in the oil fields and Eugene has been working with a few companies to eventually move to North Dakota.

North Dakota has recorded the highest personal income growth among all states for the sixth time in the last seven years. Statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicated that the state’s personal income grew 7.6 percent in 2013; this is mainly due to energy developmentMany oil companies are in need of people with a CDL and Eugene knew that he would have a better chance getting hired if he received one.

Passed BAR Audit

California Career School  was audited by the Bar Certified Training Institution Bureau of Automotive Repair . We passed the inspection on all counts.  Many schools do not pass all 42 inspections on their first attempt.  Our equipment demonstrated to be operational and in great shape.  This ensures that our students will have the best quality equipment to learn on.  We take great care to make sure our students receive the best education possible by keeping our standards high and our equipment in working order.

Click the link below to see all 42 items we passed

BAR Audit