Life after the Military: Consider a Career in Homeland Security

homeland-security-training-anaheim-caOnce you have served your term in the military, you may be wondering what you can do that will be challenging as well as rewarding. Consider a career in Homeland Security. This is a unique career opportunity that will allow you to help secure our borders, airports and more.

A career in Homeland Security offers many great benefits including performance based increases, flexible hours, health insurance and retirement plans among others. When you work for the Department of Homeland Security, you will be doing incredibly meaningful work that changes people’s lives.

Since September 11th, 2001 when our Nation was attacked, the Department of Homeland Security has continued to grow. With the ongoing threat of terrorism, the Department of Homeland Security is constantly searching for qualified professionals to help secure our borders and protect our country.

There is no doubt that a career in Homeland Security is a rewarding and exciting one. While it may be a bit difficult to land a position with the Department of Homeland Security, proper training makes it an easier task. Homeland Security agents have incredibly important responsibilities and need to have outstanding communication skills, be well educated in all aspects of Homeland Security and have extensive knowledge when it comes to new technology.

Upon completion of your Homeland Security training, you need to find the right job for you. There are many resources available to help you do just that. If you feel that you are ready to begin training for a position in Homeland Security, finding the right training program for you is a must.

At California Career School, the primary objective of our security training program is to prepare graduates for an entry level position in the Homeland Security and Private Security industry. Some of our other security career fields include armed patrol, airport security, campus security, correctional officer and more.

Why Training is required to become a School Bus Driver

truck-driver-training-AnaheimSchool bus drivers are needed everywhere to transport students to and from school safely. Buses are large vehicles and require training to drive them properly. In order to become a school bus driver, there are many areas of training that are important. You must learn student management and discipline, school bus accident and emergency procedures, loading and unloading procedures and more. In order to learn these skills, proper training is important.

When it comes to the requirements of a school bus driver, each state is different so it is important to check with the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the state you will be driving in. Generally, in order to drive a school bus, you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a school bus driver’s certificate. You will also have to pass a criminal background check and you must have a clean driving record. You will also be required to pass a physical exam as well as written exams. In order to drive a school bus with air brakes, you must also pass an air brakes written test.

Since there are so many skill requirements of a school bus driver, thorough training is important. You must have a working knowledge of all road signs and other common driving practices. First aid and CPR training may also be a requirement. Being a school bus driver requires patience and responsibility.

School bus drivers are held to the highest standard of care. All school bus drivers must comply with State and Federal guidelines at all times. If you are considering training to become a school bus driver, you need to go over all regulations to make sure it is right for you. Being a school bus driver can be rewarding and in most cases, there are always job openings for skilled school bus drivers.

Why Proper Training is Important to Become a Successful Auto Repair Technician

auto-tech-class-california-career-schoolIf you have ever experienced car trouble, you understand the importance of auto repair technicians. They have the unique ability to diagnose and fix most problems with automobiles on the road today. To be a successful auto repair technician, proper training is crucial.

Auto repair technicians who have gone through proper training are more likely to be skilled in all aspects of auto repair. Since auto repair technicians must be able to constantly adapt to changing technology and repair techniques, training in these areas is needed to be successful.

Since we will always need cars, we will always need experienced technicians to fix them. Essentially, there will always be a need for well trained auto repair technicians. Employers searching for auto repair technicians look for individuals with strong communication skills as well as analytical skills. They must also have knowledge of how different automobiles work and how to repair them properly. Individuals who have gone through auto repair training courses are more likely to be chosen over those who have not had proper training.

Auto repair technician training isn’t just about learning how to fix vehicles. Trainees will learn good customer service skills as they will often have to discuss details with customers regarding problems found and repairs needed. They will also learn how to be detail-oriented in all aspects of auto repair. Great business skills are essential if you want to be a successful auto repair technician.

If you are thinking about becoming an auto repair technician, proper training is a must. With a working knowledge of electronics and mathematics as well as great customer service skills, you are sure to have good opportunities for employment in the auto repair field.

Happy Holidays 2014!


“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”     

- Mary Anne Radmacher


The California Career School team wishes you and yours a joyful and safe holiday!

CCS will be closed Thursday, December 25 through Thursday, January 1st. We will reopen on Friday, January 2nd.

CCS Hosts a Rolling Tribute

On Thursday, November 13th our 29 Palms location got a very special visit from Schneider’s Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to be a rolling tribute to members of the United States military, both past and present. The Ride of Pride program started in 2001. Freightliner manufacturing creates one military-themed truck every year and awards it to a trucking company. Schneider has been the recipient a remarkable seven times. Every truck is proudly driven by a US military veteran all over the nation including the annual Ride for Freedom, a procession through Washington, D.C. every Memorial Day.

Our students got to learn about Schneider’s employment opportunities first-hand and meet the Ride of Pride 2014 driver, Randy Twine. Randy gave students an inside look at life over-the-road and answered questions about driving for Schneider. The students were really excited to see such a unique truck that was geared to appreciate all the sacrifices our branches of military make. CCS would like to thank Randy, Schneider and Aaron Robinson, our Schneider recruiter, for arranging such an exclusive experience for our students. Hopefully California Career School will be a stop again next year for the 2015 Ride of Pride!Schneider Pride1

CCS Visits Leading CNC Manufacturing Company

The California Career School team recently attended an Open House hosted by the Haas Automation Outlet in Anaheim where the latest Haas machines were showcased. Haas opened its shop floor and invited the community in an effort to increase knowledge of the manufacturing industry while providing live demonstrations, seminars, and vendors displaying new equipment and technology available within the manufacturing industry.

Our Placement Department took the opportunity to survey Haas employees to find out how they got their start in the company and what was needed to be successful at Haas.  Our team also discussed hiring needs with the Haas Human Resources Department in an effort to better serve our students and graduates who are interested in getting their start in this industry. The verdict? Mechanically inclined individuals who are hardworking and dedicated to extensive training are the most successful in this company and the most in demand by employers such as Haas!

California Career School’s employer network allows our graduates the opportunity to know what is in the mind of the hiring professionals they are about to meet! With extensive training required and coveted by most employers like Haas, students want to know that they are receiving the best education as well as placement services available to meet the demand of the industry. We invite you to experience what California Career School can offer you and your career by calling us today to find out more about our programs!




Hands-On Training for Security Professionals

best-homeland-security-training-AnaheimIf you’re looking for a position that promises growth and excitement, then our Homeland Security training is an option for you at California Career School!  With a projected employment increase of 20% or more (100,000+ job openings) between 2008-2018, our Homeland Security, Security Guard and Investigation Training program is considered a Bright Outlook Occupation.

Our students receive hands-on training from instructors with both experience and expertise in their designated field.  Our graduates train for both private & public service police officer careers and during their field of study will complete:
•    Police academy testing preparation
•    Basic Security including Investigative Services Training/Powers to Arrest
•    Security Tactical, State Baton & Pepper Spray Training
•    Weapons of Mass Destruction Training & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals
•    Security Survival Techniques & State Firearm Training
•    BSIS School Security Guard Training
•    State licenses (upon graduation, you will have received the training to obtain your
guard card, baton card, firearm permit and pepper spray permit).

In less than six months, our students are qualified for an entry position into the Homeland and Security & Investigation field.  Our graduates go on to work for public service or private security companies, who maintain contracts with Correctional Facilities, US Border Patrol, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Hotel/Hospital/Bank Security or as private investigators.

We offer nationwide placement assistance.  Our reputation for quality service and a high success rate has been acknowledged by numerous placement and training awards.  California Career School programs are proven to provide dedicated men and women with the knowledge and skills demanded by today’s job market.

Contact us today to schedule a school visit and speak with a CCS representative.  Your future is waiting, call (800) 499-6585.

Fuel & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Thursday and Friday at 1700 (5:00 PM) by recruiters from leading companies in the field. Contact us with any questions and for further information. We have placed over 300 graduates from CCS in the oil fields!

Holiday Inn Express

Conference Room

72532 Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277


Truckers Drive the World—Are You Ready To Do Your Share?

truck-driver-school-anaheim-caIf you’re thinking of switching to a more high-paying and interesting career, a move into the truck driving industry may be just the thing for you. Due to a shortage of trucks drivers, many trucking companies are paying even more for qualified truck drivers to haul loads across the country. And don’t forget—truckers are extremely important. In fact, with more than 70% of the nation’s economy being delivered by trucks, more truckers will continue to be needed as the economy grows. Are you ready to begin a new life? Truck driving has an incredible array of advantages, including:

•    Good pay. Since there is a significant deficit of truck drivers right now, there’s never been a more lucrative time to join. Many companies are now giving bonuses and increased pay for truck drivers, particularly for long-haul truckers. Businesses also pay considerably more for reliable, safe truck drivers. In fact, truck drivers can earn more than some college graduates. Additionally, truck drivers are usually guaranteed pay raises as they become more and more experienced.

•    Benefits. Most trucking companies offer major benefits for their employees, which can include medical, dental, vision, prescription medication coverage, life insurance, and retirement plans. Many truckers also receive paid vacation and holidays. In fact, the trucking industry’s great benefits rival many large companies—even some in the Fortune 500 category.

•    Bonuses. Many trucking companies provide bonuses for certain loads carried or distances traveled. A trucker with a good safety record or many years with a company can also receive substantial bonuses.

•    Flexibility. A flexible schedule is another one of the great features of trucking. Truck drivers can choose what type of hauls they’d prefer to drive—they can decide between local runs, long distance runs, or cross-region runs. Some companies even allow pets or children to come along during rides, so you don’t have to go solo all the time if you don’t want to.

•    Changing scenery. Truckers can see most of America while they work. If you love to travel, truck driving may be perfect for you: the scenery continually changes and there are very often points of interest to see along the way. If you’re tired of sitting at the same desk with the same view, you may be on the right track to trucking.

•    Job security. If you’re sick of finding jobs in one town after another, consider trucking—truck driving provides job security for people who move frequently. It also offers a secure job market. After all, trucking companies always need drivers, particularly if you have a few years of safe driving under your belt.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact California Career School to learn about what to do next. We offer a number of high-quality programs that will help you find the career you’ve been looking for.

Catalytic Converters and its Effect on Emissions

Different states have different rules, especially when it comes to cars and emissions. California’s number one rule, don’t mess with you emissions or buy a car that had its emissions messed with, especially the catalytic converter. Removing the catalytic converter is illegal in any state as stated by John Swantson.

Emission laws have been in effect in California since 1966 and the rest of the states followed suit a few years later. It is a common misconception that removing the cats will give you more power, but the power is so minute that it will go unnoticed. It just gives added noise, which can cause unwanted attention from police and can lead to your car being impounded.

Laws continue to become stricter, and California is no longer allowing people to put aftermarket cats on their vehicles, only factory ones. It is common for people to have their catalytic converters stolen because “they contain three precious metals – platinum, palladium, and rhodium, – to mitigate harmful exhaust gases through a chemical reaction” written by Jeff Goertzen in the OC Register.

Without the cats, your car will never pass smog. Altering your engine with factory parts to pass smog each year and putting the illegal parts back on can hurt you and the BAR Certified shop that you went to. Asking a smog shop for a “hot smog”, or to falsify your results, can lead to large fines and closure of the licensed shop as well and it is not worth it for them. Moral of the story is do not put anyone out of business just to gain a minimal amount of speed that will not make much of a difference.