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4 Reasons to Consider a Career as an Auto Repair Technician

When you think about it, there will always be a need for skilled auto repair technicians. We all need our cars to be… 0

Life after the Military: Consider a Career in Homeland Security

Once you have served your term in the military, you may be wondering what you can do that will be challenging as well… 0

Why Training is required to become a School Bus Driver

School bus drivers are needed everywhere to transport students to and from school safely. Buses are large vehicles and require training to drive… 1

Why Proper Training is Important to Become a Successful Auto Repair Technician

If you have ever experienced car trouble, you understand the importance of auto repair technicians. They have the unique ability to diagnose and… 0

Happy Holidays 2014!

  “May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”      – Mary Anne… 0

CCS Hosts a Rolling Tribute

On Thursday, November 13th our 29 Palms location got a very special visit from Schneider’s Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to… 0

CCS Visits Leading CNC Manufacturing Company

The California Career School team recently attended an Open House hosted by the Haas Automation Outlet in Anaheim where the latest Haas machines… 0

Hands-On Training for Security Professionals

If you’re looking for a position that promises growth and excitement, then our Homeland Security training is an option for you at California… 0

Fuel & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Thursday and Friday at 1700 (5:00 PM) by… 0

Truckers Drive the World—Are You Ready To Do Your Share?

If you’re thinking of switching to a more high-paying and interesting career, a move into the truck driving industry may be just the… 1

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