Fuel & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Thursday and Friday at 1700 (5:00 PM) by recruiters from leading companies in the field. Contact us with any questions and for further information. We have placed over 300 graduates from CCS in the oil fields!

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Truckers Drive the World—Are You Ready To Do Your Share?

truck-driver-school-anaheim-caIf you’re thinking of switching to a more high-paying and interesting career, a move into the truck driving industry may be just the thing for you. Due to a shortage of trucks drivers, many trucking companies are paying even more for qualified truck drivers to haul loads across the country. And don’t forget—truckers are extremely important. In fact, with more than 70% of the nation’s economy being delivered by trucks, more truckers will continue to be needed as the economy grows. Are you ready to begin a new life? Truck driving has an incredible array of advantages, including:

•    Good pay. Since there is a significant deficit of truck drivers right now, there’s never been a more lucrative time to join. Many companies are now giving bonuses and increased pay for truck drivers, particularly for long-haul truckers. Businesses also pay considerably more for reliable, safe truck drivers. In fact, truck drivers can earn more than some college graduates. Additionally, truck drivers are usually guaranteed pay raises as they become more and more experienced.

•    Benefits. Most trucking companies offer major benefits for their employees, which can include medical, dental, vision, prescription medication coverage, life insurance, and retirement plans. Many truckers also receive paid vacation and holidays. In fact, the trucking industry’s great benefits rival many large companies—even some in the Fortune 500 category.

•    Bonuses. Many trucking companies provide bonuses for certain loads carried or distances traveled. A trucker with a good safety record or many years with a company can also receive substantial bonuses.

•    Flexibility. A flexible schedule is another one of the great features of trucking. Truck drivers can choose what type of hauls they’d prefer to drive—they can decide between local runs, long distance runs, or cross-region runs. Some companies even allow pets or children to come along during rides, so you don’t have to go solo all the time if you don’t want to.

•    Changing scenery. Truckers can see most of America while they work. If you love to travel, truck driving may be perfect for you: the scenery continually changes and there are very often points of interest to see along the way. If you’re tired of sitting at the same desk with the same view, you may be on the right track to trucking.

•    Job security. If you’re sick of finding jobs in one town after another, consider trucking—truck driving provides job security for people who move frequently. It also offers a secure job market. After all, trucking companies always need drivers, particularly if you have a few years of safe driving under your belt.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact California Career School to learn about what to do next. We offer a number of high-quality programs that will help you find the career you’ve been looking for.

Catalytic Converters and its Effect on Emissions

Different states have different rules, especially when it comes to cars and emissions. California’s number one rule, don’t mess with you emissions or buy a car that had its emissions messed with, especially the catalytic converter. Removing the catalytic converter is illegal in any state as stated by John Swantson.

Emission laws have been in effect in California since 1966 and the rest of the states followed suit a few years later. It is a common misconception that removing the cats will give you more power, but the power is so minute that it will go unnoticed. It just gives added noise, which can cause unwanted attention from police and can lead to your car being impounded.

Laws continue to become stricter, and California is no longer allowing people to put aftermarket cats on their vehicles, only factory ones. It is common for people to have their catalytic converters stolen because “they contain three precious metals – platinum, palladium, and rhodium, – to mitigate harmful exhaust gases through a chemical reaction” written by Jeff Goertzen in the OC Register.

Without the cats, your car will never pass smog. Altering your engine with factory parts to pass smog each year and putting the illegal parts back on can hurt you and the BAR Certified shop that you went to. Asking a smog shop for a “hot smog”, or to falsify your results, can lead to large fines and closure of the licensed shop as well and it is not worth it for them. Moral of the story is do not put anyone out of business just to gain a minimal amount of speed that will not make much of a difference.

How to Defend Yourself from a Predator

The best self-defense is prevention, meaning that you should always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Try to park in well-lit areas, keep your keys in your hand as you walk to your car (between you middle & ring fingers is best), and try to travel in groups/pairs whenever possible.

If the attacker is just after your material possessions (money, wallet, etc), hand it over. Nothing material is worth your life.

If the attacker does touch you, yell loudly (BACK OFF!) and push your attacker away. This calls for help and tells your attacker you’re not easy prey. If it has to get physical, you only have a few seconds to inflict the most amount of damage. Go for the easy areas like the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, and knees. Strike with your body’s natural bony weapons such as your elbows and/or knees. If you attacker is close enough to go for his/her face: poke the eyes, force the heel of your palm into the nose, or strike the neck with your key hand.

Never move close to your attacker to strike him/her with your hand. Kick in the groin or the side of the knee. Here in our Security program, we teach basic self-defense moves to prevent attacks and to make you feel safe if there was ever one to occur. We also teach techniques to getting out of certain positions, what you do if you are on the ground and being choked by a person. There are ways to get out of these and different pressure points to concentrate on to get the best leverage.


Graduate from Shade Tree Mechanic to Automotive Repair Technician with Excellent Training

automotive repair technicianFor quite some time, auto technicians have been among the most respected professionals, charged with the responsibility of ensuring that drivers do not have difficulties on the highway. However, research shows that the number of certified auto mechanics is growing less every year, a situation that may impose many challenges in the auto industry.

As older mechanics retire from active work, there is a serious need to replace the outgoing lot with a fresh batch of highly trained mechanics to take over the industry. For a projection of ten years, between 2010 and 2020, the need for trained mechanics has grown by 17%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is for this reason we encourage interested individuals to enroll in California Career School’s auto tech training program. Here are a few reasons to consider a career as an auto mechanic:

• Auto repair service has gone hi-tech: Unlike in the 80s, when a mechanic just needed a set of socket wrenches to solve a mechanical problem, today’s cars are computerized, and a laptop computer is just as useful in the process as the spanners. Mechanics targeting today’s work environment must be prepared for a deeper knowledge in the modern industry.

• Certification: While Shade Tree technicians can perform some duties in the auto industry, such as changing engine oil, the job of an Automotive Repair Technician requires a thorough theoretical and practical study, research, and support that only a recognized institution can provide.

• Job placement: With proper training in auto repair, most people aim to put it to career. It is easier to land a job as an auto mechanic with valid papers from a recognized institution, than hoping to work as a Shade Tree mechanic the rest of your life.

The course takes only 24 weeks, and prepares interested, driven students to join the automotive industry as a fully backed technicians, with a State Alternative Certification for grades A-6, A-8, and L1.

Enrolling in an automotive repair technician course at California Career School equips students with the necessary skills needed to be a professional mechanic.

Oil & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact us with any questions and for further information. We have placed over 300 graduates from CCS in the oil fields.

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In Memory of 9/11

Today we remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in the tragedy that rocked the nation.  Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost loved ones.  All of us here at CCS are thankful for the brave first-responders and those who helped during the incident.  Although we cannot repair the damage that has been done, we can grow stronger.  CCS is proud to offer training in Homeland Security to those individuals who feel the calling to help protect this great nation.

5 Tips for Healthy Living While Over the Road

Spending 11 hours behind the wheel of a truck doesn’t leave much time to create the perfect healthy lifestyle, but there are some great small steps you can take that will make a huge difference in the long run while going over the road.

Here are our top five tips:

  1. Avoid truck stop food. This is a double whammy, the food is usually high in sodium and fat and you’re spending money that you could be saving!
  2. Don’t wear sweatpants! Truck driving means long hours in a sitting position. It can be very tempting, but before you know it that extra weight is there and you can no longer fit into your jeans.
  3. Buy a cooler and bring your own food. Packing food and eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Start your morning with a protein shake or a whole grain bagel with peanut butter. Eat fruit or choose a trail mix with instead of a bag of chips for snacking. Choosing lean meats like chicken and turkey for sandwiches are just another way to stay healthy and this can also help with your energy level.
  4. Always take every opportunity to get out of the truck to walk/power walk/jog a few laps and STRETCH, holding it for 15-30 seconds and release it slowly.
  5. Laugh! Laughter is known for stress relief and who doesn’t enjoy that belly ache from a good laugh? Laughter is known to relax the body and boost our immune system.

For more great tips on exercises, food ideas, and saving money, check out www.healthytrucker.net and drive safe!

How to Fight Fatigue While Driving Over the Road

Fatigue is dangerous for every driver, but can be fatal for truck drivers. Exhaustion slows down your reactions and can often impair your judgment without you even knowing. We have heard our graduates tell us some interesting tricks to staying awake such as putting rocks in your shoes so the uncomfortable feeling keeps you up, or having a cold rag to put on your face to shock you awake. Some common signs of fatigue are:

–          Tiredness or sleepiness
–          Irritability
–          Loss of appetite
–          Digestive problems
–          Increased susceptibility to illness

To avoid fatigue and stay alert:

–          Drink water instead of coffee
–          Exercise regularly, even if it’s a 20 minute brisk walk
–          Maintain a healthy diet; choose foods rich in fiber and antioxidants (sugar is tempting for the spike in energy, but you’ll just crash harder later)
–          Do not multi-task while driving, keep your eyes on the road!
–          Listen to your body, it knows when it’s tired and needs rest

These may work temporarily, but in the end it is rest, diet and exercise that are the best things for your body, in and out of the truck. Take care of your body and you’ll be less stressed, more alert and feeling great. You’ll be able to tackle any challenge the road throws at you. Check out www.cdllife.com/health for great tips for trucker specific exercise, meal ideas and support.

Homeland Security Baton Training

Here at California Career School, we pride ourselves on having a lot of hands on training. The students enjoy it and it makes for a better learning experience. There are many different techniques to handle a baton: different stances and grips, procedures to drawing your baton out from its holster, where to hit someone and not to hit someone, and blocking methods.

BSIS states that “Any uniformed security guard who successfully completes a course of instruction is entitled to receive a permit to carry and use a baton within the scope of his or her employment, issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs.” California Career School is an authorized BSIS certified training institution to issue permits to carry and use a baton.

photo 4photo 2Above is our instructor showing the class how to hold a baton and different defense moves for all types of attacks. The students were sharing many laughs and look forward to what lies ahead.