OTR to Local in 3 Months

After returning from 3 months of the mentor program with a trucking carrier, Vanessa Abdin landed another job locally! “I just enjoyed the driving!” she explained to us. Over the duration of her time, she saw Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and all over the Midwest. “I finally got to see all over my home state!” Vanessa is from Texas. The most beautiful thing she saw was the Rocky Mountains, she described to us. “It’s a whole new world!”

abdin“This will probably crack Ken up but me mentor said I was a natural at backing up!” Vanessa mentioned what her mentor said about her driving.

Now she’s working for school services driving a bus locally to help disabled children. She feels like she is really making a difference. She went on her own to obtain a passenger endorsement and picked up the job recently. On top of that requirement, her class A license made her competitive among the rest of the applicants. It is also getting her higher wages than those without the class A license at her company. “Having a clean record really helps,” added Vanessa. “I feel so good about this bus driving.”

She told her CCS instructor, “you’d be so proud of me, I can drive anything now!” He told me, “You’ll never forget what you experienced out there.”

“I’d do it again, thank you,” she replied.




We have had so many great success stories and we just want to keep them coming. Many people have started a new career path and gone to amazing companies and seen a lot of interesting places. Here at CCS we just want to say thank you for making our experience enjoyable. So now it is time to return thefavor. Earn extra income for helping a friend find a career.


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Start a New Year in a New Career!

We at California Career School would like to wish you all a happy new year! The turn of the new year can be a time of reflection on our challenges and accomplishments in the past and it is also a time for renewed expectations and setting our goals.


With the beginning of this new year, we hope to set forth on a path to growth and prosperity for our students as we help change their lives and careers.

Happy New Year from California Career School!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
-Oprah Winfrey

G.I. Jobs Top Veteran Friendly Colleges for 2014

CCS does it again! A new year is just around the corner and California Career School has once again solidified its spot on the G.I. Jobs top veteran friendly colleges, making this our 5th year in a row!

With our convenient locations and a knowledgeable VA staff it’s easy to see why CCS was placed on this elite list with other top tier schools from around the nation.

The job placement program we provide is proactive, putting you back in the work force upon completion of school. Our admissions staff aids veterans by helping them with a smooth transition from a military to civilian lifestyle and are more than helpful in explaining the variety of career choices offered by our establishment.

CCS also works hand in hand with tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill. We understand that you worked hard for your benefits and we ensure that you get the most out of your education. Take a step in the right direction and gain real world skills at California Career School. For a full comprehensive list of military friendly schools, please visit militaryfriendlyschools.com

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Commercial Bus Program

Our Commercial Bus program is a 2 week course (full time):
Students will receive training for their Class B license with passenger endorsement to include airbrakes. This training will prepare graduates to work as a bus driver.

The primary objective is to prepare graduates for an entry level position in the transportation industry as a Class B Commercial Bus Driver. The student will be taught the FMCSR rules and regulations, operational aspects, trip planning, map reading, and public and employee relations.

Students train on full size equipment so our graduates are prepared to work for a major carrier. We have 40’ coach bus which can hold up to 47 passengers.

Typical positions for graduates include:
Cross Country Driver, Team Driver, Intrastate Driver

We have a Bus Class starting this Monday and our classes reoccur as often as every 4 weeks.

Let’s schedule a school visit to get you started for our next class available.
•We will discuss your career and training goals as well as go over the program in detail to make sure it fits your needs.
•We will also discuss placement assistance and the specific jobs we can help you with at graduation.
•Then finish up with discussing funding options that may be available to you to help cover the cost of your tuition.

Pre-hired Before Completing

 photo Dale-Tremayne_zps8ddc3193.jpg

Tremayne Dale is a recent graduate of CCS who was able to land a job at Integrated Production Services (IPS) prior to even completing his training. He took a moment to share his experience at CCS with us.  

Tremayne relayed he chose to train at California Career School because of the, “Passing rate at DMV, job placement, and overall structure of the school. Attention to detail and team concept above any school. Instructions were laid out perfectly.”

“Confidence and trust the instructors have in their students,” he shared, was what stood out to him the most during his training. On his instructor’s teaching styles, he denotes they were, “Knowledgeable, passionate, and consistent.”

Tremayne details that what he was most surprised about is the placement assistance that was offered to him. He says, “…I was just expecting to get my CDL not the assistance for job placement, which was a great added bonus!” Our placement coordinator worked closely with Tremayne to help him attain a position at IPS and go to work after completing the program.

We would like to congratulate Tremayne on getting his CDL and for getting a position at IPS. We wish him nothing but the best for the future!

Gabby Stokes Earns Bus License

We just had a moment to catch up with Michel’la Gabby Stokes, our recent bus graduate, as she shared her thoughts about her training. She wrote, “CCS had the best ratings and reviews when I was doing research on what school to go to. I am so happy to say that the reviews were wrong… That school was better than what they said =)”

Gabby talked about the hurdles she pushed through. “The one issue I had is the school was a little far and gas was crazy but now that I’ve graduated, it was more than worth it. My training is already doing what I wanted it to which is to open up multiple new opportunities to support myself well into the future. [...] When Adam taught me how to parallel park and I actually did it right was one of my happiest moments at this school.” She also added, “It was hard at first to see out of the bus mirrors and tell what I was looking at but Donnavin told me to stick with it and not let it discourage me and that I would get used to it and he was right.”

“I was surprised how soon we got to hop in and drive the buses. [...] This school truly is training us students for success in their areas of interest. [...] CCS is absolutely worth the time to consider if you’re looking to further your education.”

We asked Gabby what she is up to now. She replied, “I am now looking for a job with confidence and have already been offered one!”

She last said that, “Classes are small, the instructors are knowledgeable, and it’s affordable!”

Once again, we want to congratulate Gabby for completing her bus driving license with us and we appreciated her enthusiasm all the way through. We love to have great students like her! We wish her well in all of her future endeavors.

Graduates Show Off Their New Vehicles

Throughout the years, CCS graduates have sent us tons of photos and dropped by our schools just to show the vehicles they worked so hard to drive. All of these students passed their CDL test, found work, and now have the new wheels to show for it. We’ve filled our Facebook page with as many as we can and it looks like more and more students will be dropping by in the near future.

From firefighters, coil tube operators in the oil industry, a pizza business owner operator, motor coach drivers, to fuel transporters and even more in between, our graduates completed the training that ultimately landed them these jobs.

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Student Interview with Jesus Cardenas

We’d like to share a short interview we had with commercial truck and bus graduate Jesus Cardenas. Check out what he has to say about his experience here at CCS!

Why did you choose CCS?
“[Y]ou get more out of the program than any other school I knew of out there.”

What was your biggest challenge?
“I was about to get out of the military in a few months! I got everything in time thanks to my instructor.”

Describe a moment that stands out about your training.
“The drive test at the DMV!”

How would you describe your instructor’s teaching style and approach?
“Aggressive in a good way– right techniques– being there with you at all times.”

Was there anything during your experience that was surprising or unexpected?
“Yeah! Getting job placement.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be the most valuable?
“Giving opportunities to its students for future employment.”

What is your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?
“It was very good. I really appreciate what CCS does for its military as well as civilian students.”

What are your plans now that you have completed your training?
“Getting started with IPS!”

Is there anything else that you would like to share with someone who is thinking of getting trained at CCS?
“Yes. They will get the best training out there! They will notice when they go to the DMV.”

We’d like to again give a big congratulations to Jesus for successfully getting his class A and passenger endorsement. Like he mentioned, Jesus secured a job in the oil industry using his new license in Houston, TX. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

Michael Waldron III Gets CDL and Passenger Endorsement

Michael Waldron III graduated from our commercial truck driving course and received his CDL and passenger endorsement. He shared a few things with us about how his training went.

He talked to us about the moments that stood out for him. “Gotta be the skills course,” he said. “They walked me around it, showed me with the toy truck, three times around I did my test and passed before I went to the DMV.” Before taking the final exam at the DMV CDL office, CCS students must pass with us. Students will not be sent to the DMV until they are ready.

What Michael found difficult was what he calls “5 point boredom,” or the 5 point pre-trip. “To overcome it, do it a couple times, walk around, sit [...], go back and repeat,” he shared, was his biggest challenge. To safely drive trucks, drivers must regularly perform pre-trip inspections to the highest standards. These inspections are long and must be demonstrated and recited verbatim to DMV examiners.

For Michael, the most valuable part of training was the learning pace and that, “when [you] need help, [instructors] are right there.” His overall opinion of CCS was one with pleased, spirited language that we cannot share here! He leaves us with this: “it’s an awesome school with awesome instructors with real world trucks, trailers, and practice routes. It’s even accredited [...] and there’s multiple trucking companies that mainly hire CCS grads.”

Once again, congratulations to Michael for getting his commercial class A license complete with a passenger endorsement. He plans to also pursue welding training while working out in West Virginia. Once again, we wish him well in all of his future endeavors!