CCS Hosts a Rolling Tribute

On Thursday, November 13th our 29 Palms location got a very special visit from Schneider’s Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to be a rolling tribute to members of the United States military, both past and present. The Ride of Pride program started in 2001. Freightliner manufacturing creates one military-themed truck every year and awards it to a trucking company. Schneider has been the recipient a remarkable seven times. Every truck is proudly driven by a US military veteran all over the nation including the annual Ride for Freedom, a procession through Washington, D.C. every Memorial Day.

Our students got to learn about Schneider’s employment opportunities first-hand and meet the Ride of Pride 2014 driver, Randy Twine. Randy gave students an inside look at life over-the-road and answered questions about driving for Schneider. The students were really excited to see such a unique truck that was geared to appreciate all the sacrifices our branches of military make. CCS would like to thank Randy, Schneider and Aaron Robinson, our Schneider recruiter, for arranging such an exclusive experience for our students. Hopefully California Career School will be a stop again next year for the 2015 Ride of Pride!Schneider Pride1

Fuel & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Thursday and Friday at 1700 (5:00 PM) by recruiters from leading companies in the field. Contact us with any questions and for further information. We have placed over 300 graduates from CCS in the oil fields!

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Truckers Drive the World—Are You Ready To Do Your Share?

truck-driver-school-anaheim-caIf you’re thinking of switching to a more high-paying and interesting career, a move into the truck driving industry may be just the thing for you. Due to a shortage of trucks drivers, many trucking companies are paying even more for qualified truck drivers to haul loads across the country. And don’t forget—truckers are extremely important. In fact, with more than 70% of the nation’s economy being delivered by trucks, more truckers will continue to be needed as the economy grows. Are you ready to begin a new life? Truck driving has an incredible array of advantages, including:

•    Good pay. Since there is a significant deficit of truck drivers right now, there’s never been a more lucrative time to join. Many companies are now giving bonuses and increased pay for truck drivers, particularly for long-haul truckers. Businesses also pay considerably more for reliable, safe truck drivers. In fact, truck drivers can earn more than some college graduates. Additionally, truck drivers are usually guaranteed pay raises as they become more and more experienced.

•    Benefits. Most trucking companies offer major benefits for their employees, which can include medical, dental, vision, prescription medication coverage, life insurance, and retirement plans. Many truckers also receive paid vacation and holidays. In fact, the trucking industry’s great benefits rival many large companies—even some in the Fortune 500 category.

•    Bonuses. Many trucking companies provide bonuses for certain loads carried or distances traveled. A trucker with a good safety record or many years with a company can also receive substantial bonuses.

•    Flexibility. A flexible schedule is another one of the great features of trucking. Truck drivers can choose what type of hauls they’d prefer to drive—they can decide between local runs, long distance runs, or cross-region runs. Some companies even allow pets or children to come along during rides, so you don’t have to go solo all the time if you don’t want to.

•    Changing scenery. Truckers can see most of America while they work. If you love to travel, truck driving may be perfect for you: the scenery continually changes and there are very often points of interest to see along the way. If you’re tired of sitting at the same desk with the same view, you may be on the right track to trucking.

•    Job security. If you’re sick of finding jobs in one town after another, consider trucking—truck driving provides job security for people who move frequently. It also offers a secure job market. After all, trucking companies always need drivers, particularly if you have a few years of safe driving under your belt.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact California Career School to learn about what to do next. We offer a number of high-quality programs that will help you find the career you’ve been looking for.

Oil & Energy Presentations in 29 Palms

Come on by to learn more about the Oil and Energy Industry! Presentations on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact us with any questions and for further information. We have placed over 300 graduates from CCS in the oil fields.

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5 Tips for Healthy Living While Over the Road

Spending 11 hours behind the wheel of a truck doesn’t leave much time to create the perfect healthy lifestyle, but there are some great small steps you can take that will make a huge difference in the long run while going over the road.

Here are our top five tips:

  1. Avoid truck stop food. This is a double whammy, the food is usually high in sodium and fat and you’re spending money that you could be saving!
  2. Don’t wear sweatpants! Truck driving means long hours in a sitting position. It can be very tempting, but before you know it that extra weight is there and you can no longer fit into your jeans.
  3. Buy a cooler and bring your own food. Packing food and eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Start your morning with a protein shake or a whole grain bagel with peanut butter. Eat fruit or choose a trail mix with instead of a bag of chips for snacking. Choosing lean meats like chicken and turkey for sandwiches are just another way to stay healthy and this can also help with your energy level.
  4. Always take every opportunity to get out of the truck to walk/power walk/jog a few laps and STRETCH, holding it for 15-30 seconds and release it slowly.
  5. Laugh! Laughter is known for stress relief and who doesn’t enjoy that belly ache from a good laugh? Laughter is known to relax the body and boost our immune system.

For more great tips on exercises, food ideas, and saving money, check out and drive safe!

How to Fight Fatigue While Driving Over the Road

Fatigue is dangerous for every driver, but can be fatal for truck drivers. Exhaustion slows down your reactions and can often impair your judgment without you even knowing. We have heard our graduates tell us some interesting tricks to staying awake such as putting rocks in your shoes so the uncomfortable feeling keeps you up, or having a cold rag to put on your face to shock you awake. Some common signs of fatigue are:

–          Tiredness or sleepiness
–          Irritability
–          Loss of appetite
–          Digestive problems
–          Increased susceptibility to illness

To avoid fatigue and stay alert:

–          Drink water instead of coffee
–          Exercise regularly, even if it’s a 20 minute brisk walk
–          Maintain a healthy diet; choose foods rich in fiber and antioxidants (sugar is tempting for the spike in energy, but you’ll just crash harder later)
–          Do not multi-task while driving, keep your eyes on the road!
–          Listen to your body, it knows when it’s tired and needs rest

These may work temporarily, but in the end it is rest, diet and exercise that are the best things for your body, in and out of the truck. Take care of your body and you’ll be less stressed, more alert and feeling great. You’ll be able to tackle any challenge the road throws at you. Check out for great tips for trucker specific exercise, meal ideas and support.

Oil and Energy Rep coming to Twentynine Palms

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Helping People Start Their New Career

This past May, California Career School hosted a career resource fair at our Anaheim location. It was filled with several vendors who presented information about their need for more employees. All of the vendors had contacted us in search of someone to hire from our school. There were also other resources available such as financial planning or different funding available. Some of our Twentynine Palms and Oceanside students came to receive information from their areas of interest and joined in the fun. One of them was selected in a raffle and won a USMC jersey.

Donnavin, the Instructor Supervisor, stood at our booth for all of those that came from surrounding cities. People were also able to sit in on presentations from companies and learn about what they offer. Some of our current students were offered jobs on the spot, while other people were told if they attended our program that they would be qualified to work at their company.

CCS is always trying to help the community and show people that there are many opportunities out there, and with just a little bit of training, you too, can start your career.


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CCS Career Resource Fair

Mark your calendars for this fantastic opportunity! CCS is hosting a career and resource fair this Thursday right here in Anaheim.  If you need a job or are looking to secure your future, THIS is where you need to be. There will be employers seeking quality employees and offering them an opportunity to meet with our students along with friends, family, and those looking to join the industry. There will be interviews administered by employers along with conditional pre employment offers. This is a great opportunity to meet with many companies at one time and select those you may want to work for. We will see you there!




How to Comply with the Hours-of-Service Regulations

What they are? The hours-of-service regulations were set in place to provide safety to all drivers. They regulate when and how long you may drive so to reduce driver fatigue. The hours-of-service regulations are found in Part 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

What are the limits? Specific limits are placed on the amount of time you may drive your truck and how many total hours you can work before you are no longer permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle.
There is a 14 hour “driving window” limit and an 11 hour “driving limit”.

14 Hour Driving Window
This is the daily limit where you can drive up to 11 hours; the remaining hours may be used to fill up gas, inspection, waiting at a terminal, etc. A person will not be allowed to drive again until they have been off duty for at least 10 consecutive hours.
*Commonly known as 11-14-10*

11 Hour Driving Limit
You are only allowed to drive your truck up to the 11 total hours as stated above. Since June 30, 2013, driving is not permitted if more than 8 hours have passed since the end of the driver’s last off-duty. A 30-minute break is mandatory for all drivers if they have driven 8 consecutive hours.

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On-Duty vs. Off-Duty
Time spent On-Duty is part of your 14 hour limit of daily working hours. Any time you are working for a motor carrier whether paid or not is considered on-duty. Time spent at a plant, terminal, or facility is considered on-duty, along with loading or unloading. Any pre or post-trip inspections are on duty as well.

Off-duty time is when you are relieved of all duty and responsibility for performing work. When you can walk away from your truck and leave it where it is parked to experience any fun activities that you choose to do; such as sightseeing, exercise, etc.

Penalties for Violating
Minimum penalties would include putting a person out of service until they have met the requirements. A log book examination would be performed, resulting in a $1500 minimum fine, but can range in price depending on if there have been multiple violations. It will go on your permanent record with the DOT for 3 years and can be viewed by perspective employers and other government agencies. Also a person can be terminated if violations continue.