7 Benefits of Working as a Truck Driver

If you are looking to change careers, moving into the truck driving industry might offer you a number of benefits that you never training for truck driversthought of previously. Since there is a shortage of truck drivers right now, many of the companies are paying more for those who are qualified to haul loads from one side of the country to the other. When you consider more than 70 percent of the nation’s economy is delivered by semi-trucks, the need is only going to continue to rise as the economy continues to grow. The trucking industry has a world of benefits to offer those who are interested.

Excellent Pay
Since there is a shortage of truck drivers, companies are willing to pay more for truck drivers and give bonuses to boot. Companies also pay more for those who are safe and reliable because they tend to be quite rare. Unlike other companies, truckers are often guaranteed an increase in pay as they gain more experience.

Most of the time, you will receive benefits as an employee. Benefits often include vision, dental, medical, prescription coverage, retirement plans and life insurance. Truckers are often eligible for holidays and paid vacations. The extensive benefits often rival a number of the Fortune 500 companies.

Trucking companies tend to offer bonuses for traveling a certain distance of carrying a certain type of load. Bonuses are also given for longevity with the company and maintaining a solid safety record.

Most trucking companies are willing to provide you with a flexible schedule. You can also decide which hauls you want to drive, as well as whether you want to stay on local, cross-region or long-distance runs. Some companies allow you to take your children or pets along during what might normally be a solo ride.

Change of Scenery
While working as a truck driver, you get the opportunity to see the majority of the country. Scenery is constantly changing and often there are points of interest that you can visit along the way.

Job Security
Truck driving gives you job security for those who are constantly on the move. Companies are always in need of drivers, especially if you have a few years of good driving behind them. Your career as a truck driver is as secure as what you make of it.

By working as a team with a colleague or your spouse, you can earn a higher income on the longer runs. As a team, you can earn bonuses for making the delivery quicker. Many teams have earned more than $100,000 annually.

With all of the benefits above, a career as a truck driver might be just what you desire. If you are interested in working in the field, start training today to secure your future.

Girly Truck Drivers Welcome

“I am very girly,” explained Natalie Jasso-Padilla,  graduate from the CCS commercial truck and bus training program. We asked her, why get into trucking? Her biggest motivation, she told us, was to beat the stereotype of female truckers and that even a ‘girly girl’ like herself would be able to succeed in the profession. When Natalie is not in her truck, she rides a Suzuki GSXR600, already a step beyond what most women are comfortable with. “I was hit on the way to an interview,” she referred to one of her first applications after earning her CCS certificate. An accident occurred with vehicles in front of her that did not see her bike. She picked up road rash despite wearing appropriate gear. “When I got there, I was so embarrassed!” But she got the job– its local and she is able to come home every night.

Natalie trained with her truck driver stepdad for a little bit before coming to California Career School. MyCAA funding and the ability to receive a lot of drive time is what helped her choose CCS. MyCAA is the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts method of funding for student tuition available to military spouses. Natalie’s husband Oscar was deployed during her attendance at our school and his being in the military opened up this avenue of funding for Natalie. We just helped her get the paperwork arranged.

One of the hardest parts of training was pre-trip and 5 point. She laughed as she explained why she made this hard for herself. “Parts of the truck– I didn’t care to learn it. I hated it! I had a little bit of stubbornness. What Donnavin [CCS instructor] did is take the time to make sure I knew it.”

“Start from the beginning!” Donnavin repeated to her over and over to make sure that everything was reviewed as many times as possible. After regular training hours were done, he showed her additional material like power points and books– whatever was available to help her understand this key section of the course. “I just wanted to drive!” Natalie said, “But I knew I had to learn it.” With the right attitude and the extra push from her instructor, she made it through.

We talked for quite some time. Natalie had tons of stories of what she’d seen on the road from her towering cab, some much better shared after hours! There would be strange people hovering by her truck for miles and police activity of Hollywood proportions, “I’ve seen the SWAT team, like 10 cop cars– it was just like loaded!” She put it this way, “You’re gonna see things that you don’t want to see because you’re constantly on the road.”

“I’ve always wanted to drive a truck… I knew it was going to be hard but you don’t really know until you’re out there.” Numerous times, especially in the realm of parking her trailer, Natalie described the unusual set-ups that drivers have to maneuver through and the inconveniences posed by the circumstances. It is absolutely regular for her to park her truck and be told afterwards that male counterparts could have done it better. “You have to be strong,” she went on, “especially when you’re a girl ’cause the guys are mean.”

Since the beginning, Natalie wanted to break the expectations of what women can do and of what others think of female truckers. “It’s not easy, but what helps me is I get to be a role model. [On the road] I like being next to school buses because the little girls see me– they’re smiling and waving. Kids in cars say, ‘Mom, look!’”

G.I. Jobs Top Veteran Friendly Colleges for 2014

CCS does it again! A new year is just around the corner and California Career School has once again solidified its spot on the G.I. Jobs top veteran friendly colleges, making this our 5th year in a row!

With our convenient locations and a knowledgeable VA staff it’s easy to see why CCS was placed on this elite list with other top tier schools from around the nation.

The job placement program we provide is proactive, putting you back in the work force upon completion of school. Our admissions staff aids veterans by helping them with a smooth transition from a military to civilian lifestyle and are more than helpful in explaining the variety of career choices offered by our establishment.

CCS also works hand in hand with tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill. We understand that you worked hard for your benefits and we ensure that you get the most out of your education. Take a step in the right direction and gain real world skills at California Career School. For a full comprehensive list of military friendly schools, please visit militaryfriendlyschools.com

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10 Years with CCS!

Wow! Tony Passalacqua is celebrating his 10 year anniversary with California Career School. How time flies!

Congratulations for completing 10 years successfully. It has been wonderful working with you, and your contribution and dedication to CCS is admirable. In the past 10 years you have impacted so many students and fellow coworkers. Any person that knows Tony would say that he is very helpful and knowledgeable about trucks and what needs to be worked on. He is always willing to help on off hours with his fellow employees. Tony is an outstanding driver, and always prompt. He is willing to travel with the school to all of our locations. Tony also has a good teacher-student relationship and any student would tell you how great of an instructor he is.

The company is thankful for having you. It’s because of your hard work and loyalty CCS has been able to grow tremendously. Our students love you and everyone on the team does too!

You have been an inspiration to all the team members, and we appreciate your service for so many years. It is your hard work which has given you and the company success on many projects.

Keep up the good work and we wish you success in the years to come.


Zach, Mario & Jaaron Receive their CDL at our Twentynine Palms Location

These three students received their commercial truck driver’s license all from our Twentynine Palms training site, and we wanted to congratulate them on their success in the course!

Congratulations Zach Graff for receiving your CDL with a passenger endorsement!

Zack stated that he was having difficulties with “double clutching but the instructors explained that many new companies expect new drivers to double clutch”. Bailey, one of our instructors, then “explained how and why he needed to learn double clutch”. Despite the difficulties that Zach faced while training, he was able to overcome them and obtain his license.

Zach stated that the instructors were “hands on” and “aware”, “any time you needed help a teacher would be there”. One thing that Zach wanted potential students to know about CCS is that “the instructors will not give up; they will help every student understand each obstacle so that you can safely drive the truck”.

Congratulations Mario Ramos for receiving your CDL!

Mario chose to attend CCS because of our “flexibility, being able to attend school after work was a huge help to accomplish [his] goals”. Mario also stated that the “difference between other schools and CCS, CCS focuses on its students not like other schools. Other schools seem to care about money or the schools own interest, not its students”.

Congrats to Jaaron Hudson for receiving his CDL with a passenger endorsement!

Jaaron’s goal is “to become an Automotive/Diesel Technician. A CDL will soon be required for all Diesel Techs”. Jaaron is planning “to attain [his] certification as a Diesel Technician” now that he has completed his training.

One moment that stood out about Jaaron’s training was when he realized “how much my instructors; Ward, Bailey, and later Zach, cared when they would stop all driving, bring all the students into the classroom and fully explain from step 1 till the end of how all obstacles and events are to be done in the correct manner. Following instruction, they would answer all questions thoroughly. This is a great way to clear the air when students are confused”. Jaaron also stated that “the instructors really over prepare the students for DMV testing”.

“CCS is number 1. CCS will not quit on you and when it’s all said and done a student can look back on a great choice”.


Thanks you guys for the awesome feedback! And once again, we’d like to congratulate you for all your success in the course! We wish you well in all your future endeavors!

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Student Receives Placement Assistance

An alumnus of our Truck program, Nick Delgado, stopped by our Anaheim campus to share details of his new job with us. After spending almost a year as an over the road driver with Schneider, Nick was ready for a change. He contacted our Placement Coordinator, Marcelle, for assistance in finding different opportunities that may be available with his new experience. After hearing from Nick, and with great timing, a representative from Second Harvest contacted Marcelle looking for a qualified CDL Driver. After Marcelle recommended Nick for the position and helped to facilitate the application process, Nick was given an interview and was hired for the job! The experience that Nick gained over the road made a difference in the opportunities that the Placement Department could expose him to. He now drives local routes picking up donations from various grocery chains as well as delivering food to the community. He is enjoying his new schedule and the ability to spend more time at home, all while working for a great organizational cause.

All graduates of California Career School are provided lifetime placement services and are always encouraged to keep in communication with our Placement Department. Many employers contact us with employment opportunities for qualified drivers and our Placement Department is happy to facilitate in the process; this serves as a win-win for employers who receive referrals at no cost and students who deserve great employment opportunities to serve their future.
California Career School’s Placement Department was happy to participate in Nick’s career change.

Congratulations on the new job and for your continuous success Nick!

May Trucking Field Rep visits CCS

Katie, one of the field reps for May Trucking, came by and talked to our students here at our Anaheim location. Katie travels to Anaheim and Twenty nine Palms and will be adding our Camp Pendleton site to her rotation and actively seeks out our students. She spent many years as a CDL driver prior to her field representative work so she gives the students valuable inside knowledge about the industry and the reality of starting out. She discussed the training program, the pay, and other extra benefits that the company provides. Two of our current students that attended the meeting, enjoyed that May Trucking would allow the trainee to “pick their pay by mile or a $90 a day for 90 days flat rate” option. Our students also stated that what they liked most was, “if a person would have received more money through mileage at the end of the 90 days, then the company would pay the difference”, thus receiving the most money possible.

May Trucking also allows drivers to bring a pet that is under 60 pounds for a $650 fee, and the driver receives $500 of their money back once the pet vacates the vehicle. The other $150 is used to clean the truck after the driver’s journey is over. Many people enjoy being able to have company and a pet is great companion. A driver can also bring a person on for a minimal fee.

The students that went to the recruiter meeting felt as if the training was better than most companies because only the trainee drives and the trainer does not. Most companies will have the trainer and trainee split the drive time, which they felt did not allow the learner to improve to their full potential. This portion only lasts between 2-3 weeks and the trainer will then discuss what the trainee needs more work in, such as: more time driving in traffic, practice backing up, etc.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, In May 2012, the most occupational employment with heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is in these top 5 states:
Texas: 144,900
California: 122,660
Pennsylvania: 70,980
Florida: 65,410
Ohio: 65,340

BLS also states that, “employment for truck drivers is projected to grow 21% from 2010 to 2020, this is faster than the average for all occupations. As the economy grows, the demand for goods will increase, and more truck drivers will be needed to keep supply chains moving”.

It is never too late to start a new career path and get your CDL, and with great companies always looking to recruit and expand, it has never been easier.

James and Shannon Ozuna send CCS an update

CCS has trained husband and wife teams before. It’s great to train, travel, and make money together. Team drivers make the most money in this industry because you are able to travel longer and farther distances. When you partner with another person, you are continuously looking out for each other because you have a common goal. James and Shannon Ozuna are able to share every day together. They came to CCS with the goal of team driving together and they succeeded!

Their training at CCS helped prepare them for their new career with May Trucking. Shannon wrote that she “was pleasantly surprised with how much I was taught. Other schools did not offer as much training and hands on experience with the driving or truck itself. CCS really helped prepare me for what I would be facing in the industry. A much higher pass rate than other schools.”

Now, when a car goes speeding by too fast, they will have someone to respond when they ask, “Can you believe that guy?” This country is filled with culture and has an amazing view that these two will be able to share together.

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Military Personel uses TA to attend CDL program

California Career School would like to congratulate another US Marine who attended our Truck Driving School in 29 Palms for receiving both his class A with passenger endorsement. Chad was actually covered under his Post 911 with no money out of his pocket.  We have had hundreds of US Marines use their Tuition Assistance program to attend California Career School just this past year with a 96% success rate of receiving a real career after separating out of the military with no previous training or experience. Chad first learned about the school from the instructor himself.

“I had been wanting to get my CDL before leaving the Marine Corp but I did not know where I could learn. After hearing Ward speak I decided to give it a shot”

Chad did not have any previous training before starting the course; he stated that “the challenge was to learn something new that I had never done before (driving a manual). I am a quick learner so I didn’t have any doubt that if I applied myself and put in the hours that I would pass the DMV”

Chad’s big sense of accomplishment was when he finally mastered the Alley Docking. One thing that Chad found most valuable during his training was “every time Ward would correct me, he would tell me a story about how he had also made that mistake before and how it can really happen and affect you”.

“This is a great program and they put a lot on the line to help military guys like us. To make sure we are all taken care of and pass at the DMV” – Chad

Chad is moving back to his home state of Maryland after he gets out of the Marine Corp and is looking to pursue a career in truck driving. Thanks so much Chad! We wish you the best of luck here at CCS!

James and Shannon Ozuna Get Their CDLs

Congratulations to the Ozunas! California Career School would like to formally congratulate James and Shannon Ozuna on their recent achievement of obtaining their CDLs. They are one of many other husband and wife students CCS has trained. The couple took a moment of their time to share their experience with us.

As to the reasoning behind choosing to attend CCS, James conveys, ” We look at multiple schools prior to CCS and found them to be lacking the profesionalism and positive energy that CCS could provide. We definitely made the right choice!”

” I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was taught. Other schools did not offer as much training and hands on experience with the driving or truck its self. CCS really helped prepare me for what I would be facing in the industry. A much higher pass rate than other schools,” Shannon replied in response to what surprised her most about the school.

“Good professional people interested in your success,” is what James found to be the most valuable asset of California Career School. Shannon relays, “Helping students succeed!,” is what she found most valuable.

In terms of the future, the couple plans to secure a team driving position.