CCS Hosts a Rolling Tribute

On Thursday, November 13th our 29 Palms location got a very special visit from Schneider’s Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to be a rolling tribute to members of the United States military, both past and present. The Ride of Pride program started in 2001. Freightliner manufacturing creates one military-themed truck every year and awards it to a trucking company. Schneider has been the recipient a remarkable seven times. Every truck is proudly driven by a US military veteran all over the nation including the annual Ride for Freedom, a procession through Washington, D.C. every Memorial Day.

Our students got to learn about Schneider’s employment opportunities first-hand and meet the Ride of Pride 2014 driver, Randy Twine. Randy gave students an inside look at life over-the-road and answered questions about driving for Schneider. The students were really excited to see such a unique truck that was geared to appreciate all the sacrifices our branches of military make. CCS would like to thank Randy, Schneider and Aaron Robinson, our Schneider recruiter, for arranging such an exclusive experience for our students. Hopefully California Career School will be a stop again next year for the 2015 Ride of Pride!Schneider Pride1

Honoring Veterans

In honor of the brave men and women who have served or currently serve this country, California Career School will be closed on Veteran’s Day.  We are honored to educate so many active duty military personnel and Veterans here at CCS. We are also proud to have Veterans on our staff!  Thank you for all the sacrifices that you make for the freedoms of United States citizens.  Your service is greatly appreciated by the entire CCS team!

CCS Career Resource Fair

Mark your calendars for this fantastic opportunity! CCS is hosting a career and resource fair this Thursday right here in Anaheim.  If you need a job or are looking to secure your future, THIS is where you need to be. There will be employers seeking quality employees and offering them an opportunity to meet with our students along with friends, family, and those looking to join the industry. There will be interviews administered by employers along with conditional pre employment offers. This is a great opportunity to meet with many companies at one time and select those you may want to work for. We will see you there!




Marine Graduates Assist after 3 Car Pileup

On their way back from work , Marines and CCS graduates Mike Muniz, Robert Puga, Dewayne Creary, Marcus Pepper, Thomas Morey, and Scott Reid stopped to help at a three car pileup on the I40 in Oklahoma City.

Our contact at IPS, called us about the incident to let us know that our graduates had stopped to help. “We were just driving,” said Robert Puga, “we had just gotten off work.” It was in the middle of the day and their van was literally the first vehicle on scene, “Just shy of running over that guy,” Robert described. Driver Scott Reid exercised spot-on threshold braking to make sure they avoided the ejected driver. A Dodge truck with a gooseneck had hit a van, flipping it over as the truck also collided with another passenger car.

Robert told us that the van’s driver didn’t seem to have a seatbelt on and launched out of the rear window. “He was non-responsive… his arm was pretty mangled. There was blood.”

All seven Marines busily helped the injured, six of which graduated from our Twentynine Palms and Camp Pendleton schools. “I started helping Michael out… he was already pulling her out,” Robert referred to the woman stuck inside of the overturned van. “Everybody did something, it was just second nature.”

Michael Muniz updated his Facebook that day with this message: “On our [way] back to the hotel from work this afternoon and right in front of us was a 3 car rear end, the van in front of us, the driver was ejected out of the back window, We were in a 15 passenger van and the guy driving our van came 6 feet from running the guy over, he had to slam on the brakes. All 7 us (All former Marines) got out and helped everyone out, it gave me flash backs from deployments being on QRF. Counting my blessings today.”


IPS Recruiter Presentation

IPS presentation

A Recruiter from IPS is coming out to Twentynine Palms on Februay 26, 2014.

Anyone interested in attending this presentation contact our admissions department, even if you do not have your CDL. IPS has hired people before completion of the program and we can help assist you in obtaining your license. We have worked with IPS for many years and have had many graduates work with them.


G.I. Jobs Top Veteran Friendly Colleges for 2014

CCS does it again! A new year is just around the corner and California Career School has once again solidified its spot on the G.I. Jobs top veteran friendly colleges, making this our 5th year in a row!

With our convenient locations and a knowledgeable VA staff it’s easy to see why CCS was placed on this elite list with other top tier schools from around the nation.

The job placement program we provide is proactive, putting you back in the work force upon completion of school. Our admissions staff aids veterans by helping them with a smooth transition from a military to civilian lifestyle and are more than helpful in explaining the variety of career choices offered by our establishment.

CCS also works hand in hand with tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill. We understand that you worked hard for your benefits and we ensure that you get the most out of your education. Take a step in the right direction and gain real world skills at California Career School. For a full comprehensive list of military friendly schools, please visit

 photo 3d18eeff-f743-405c-a1d9-0c1e401c54ad_zpsa3b8c0e6.jpg

Military Personel uses TA to attend CDL program

California Career School would like to congratulate another US Marine who attended our Truck Driving School in 29 Palms for receiving both his class A with passenger endorsement. Chad was actually covered under his Post 911 with no money out of his pocket.  We have had hundreds of US Marines use their Tuition Assistance program to attend California Career School just this past year with a 96% success rate of receiving a real career after separating out of the military with no previous training or experience. Chad first learned about the school from the instructor himself.

“I had been wanting to get my CDL before leaving the Marine Corp but I did not know where I could learn. After hearing Ward speak I decided to give it a shot”

Chad did not have any previous training before starting the course; he stated that “the challenge was to learn something new that I had never done before (driving a manual). I am a quick learner so I didn’t have any doubt that if I applied myself and put in the hours that I would pass the DMV”

Chad’s big sense of accomplishment was when he finally mastered the Alley Docking. One thing that Chad found most valuable during his training was “every time Ward would correct me, he would tell me a story about how he had also made that mistake before and how it can really happen and affect you”.

“This is a great program and they put a lot on the line to help military guys like us. To make sure we are all taken care of and pass at the DMV” – Chad

Chad is moving back to his home state of Maryland after he gets out of the Marine Corp and is looking to pursue a career in truck driving. Thanks so much Chad! We wish you the best of luck here at CCS!

Interview with Mitchell Ulmer

Congratulations to Mitchell Ulmer! Mitchell was able to recently acquire his CDL at our Twentynine Palms location. He took a moment of his time to share his experience at California Career School with us.  

Why did you choose CCS? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made CCS stand out in some way?

“I selected CCS because of the conduct that I had with Ward (our 29 Palms instructor) on base while in the Marine Corps on several occassions if it had not been for his effort in pursuing service members I would have not been convinced to enroll.”

Were there any challenges you were facing and what did you want your training to help you do?

“The hardest situation I had with this school was simply not finding out about it sooner. Had I found out about it sooner, I would have gotten my CDL sooner.”

Describe a moment that stands out about your training.

“The day when I learned to drive to the trailer where I needed to go thanks to Ward and Bailey.”

What words would you use to describe instructor’s teaching style?

“Perfect for Marines!”

Was there anything during your experience with CCS that was surprising or unexpected?

“The instructor’s willingness to drive success and not [accept] failure.”

What is it that we do as a school that you’ve found to be most valuable?

“Tireless dedication to students…”

What’s your overall opinion of your experience with CCS?

“Best school I have had the priviledge to attend.”

What are your plans now that you have completed your training?

“My plans are to go work for IPS.”

Is there anything that someone who is trying to choose a school should kniow about CCS?

“They have the amazing ability to be flexible with your schedule.”

Again, we would like to congratulate Mitchell on his outstanding acheivement and wish him all the best for the future!

Heath Sparks Gets His CDL

 photo Sparks-Heath1_zpsd640e966.png

Congratualtions to our recent graduate, Heath Sparks, on obtaining his CDL!  He took a moment of his time to share with us a little about his experience at California Career School.

“Working together to learn how to accomplish all tasks. Very impressed with knowledge of instructors…”, is what stands out most to Heath in regards to our training.

We asked Heath, what he felt was most surprising in terms of his training experience at CCS? He replied, “hands-on training.” Our instructors work quite closely with each student to make sure that they are receiving any type of support they need.

He also offered some advise to any future students. Heath shared, “Most jobs are requesting CDL drivers and this will definitely help. Ward [our 29 Palms instructor] had set up and taken us to job fairs. Deeply appreciated.”

Heath was able to meet one-on-one with Integrated Production Services at a presentation set up by Calfironia Career School, which in turn transpired into a job for him.

IPS has created a unique Marine Corps Training Program soley for recently seperated, motivated, and qualified former Marines (ALL MOS’S) interested in a career in the Oil and Gas Industry to become Drivers and Equipment Operators.

Our employers, placement coordinator, and instructors all partner together to ensure we present our students with the best employment opportunities possible. IPS in turn works with California Career School to supply positions  for our transitioning military students. Consequently, Heath was able to take advantage of this opportunity.

We would again like to congratulate Heath and wish him all the best for the future!

Samuel Medina Gets His Truck and Bus License

CCS would like to congratulate one of its recent graduates, Samuel Medina! Samuel was able to put his determination and hard work to the test and obtain both his truck and bus licenses at our Oceanside location. He shared a bit of his training experience with us.

“I [chose] CCS,” Samuel noted, “because it worked with my work schedule to attend night classes. CCS [also] stood out because it was TA (tuition assistance) funded.”

On his instructor’s teaching styles, Samuel details that it is,”Very hands on and [they used] verbal communication when needing corrections. Being on a self paced basis.”

What Samuel values most about California Career School is that, “[They] take care of military veterans and cover night classes.” His overall opinion of the school is, “Very excellent.”

We asked Samuel if he had anything he would like to share regarding CCS with any prospective students.  Samuel replied, “They have high pass rate[s].”

Once again we would like to congratulate Samuel Medina and wish him all the best for the future!