Passed BAR Audit

California Career School  was audited by the Bar Certified Training Institution Bureau of Automotive Repair . We passed the inspection on all counts.  Many schools do not pass all 42 inspections on their first attempt.  Our equipment demonstrated to be operational and in great shape.  This ensures that our students will have the best quality equipment to learn on.  We take great care to make sure our students receive the best education possible by keeping our standards high and our equipment in working order.

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BAR Audit

IPS Recruiter Presentation

IPS presentation

A Recruiter from IPS is coming out to Twentynine Palms on Februay 26, 2014.

Anyone interested in attending this presentation contact our admissions department, even if you do not have your CDL. IPS has hired people before completion of the program and we can help assist you in obtaining your license. We have worked with IPS for many years and have had many graduates work with them.


Student to the Rescue!

During training, a coolant filter ruptured on one our vehicles leaving our students and instructor in the Barstow desert. We called our regular towing and repair company and they said, “[We] can’t get one till the next day.”

“We’re out in the desert,” and, “running out of options.” To top it all off, it was a hot day in July. “I would have had to gotten a tow,” said Pat. So he decided to call recent graduate and soldier Levi Busch. “He just lived five minutes away from where we broke down.”

“I got a call from Pat,” said Levi, “They were stranded by Yermo… grabbed my tools and went out.” Levi drove Pat down to a store on the other side of town and found the filter in question. Levi had the right set of tools and the problem was taken care of in a quick minute. “It’s no problem, I wanted to get the truck working… It’s taking time from the students too.” In a nutshell, he said, “Anytime for Pat!” The vehicle was back in running order and students went on to train with Pat once again.

Pat told us that Levi received the highest DMV score among his classmates during his testing day. We want to share our appreciation with Levi for coming out to help us when our students and our instructor were running out of options. Once again, thanks Levi!

Homeland Security Grad

Walter David Hinds, athlete and hunter, came to California Career School back in October last year. He has a son in Afghanistan and is a graduate of various weapons and training schools.

We asked him, why choose a vocational school? “Honestly,” David expressed, “I needed the permits.” He talked about his weapons training, being an edge weapon instructor, avidly participating in jujitsu and all kinds of other activities. Yet, application after application, employers would press him, “Where’s your permit for pepperspray?” or “Where’s your permit for baton training?” Some employers told him that his concealed carry weapons permit was not valid for the job—that he needed a regular firearms carry permit. That’s how David Hinds stopped by our front door here at California Career School. He earned his firearms permit, pepperspray training permit, baton permit, first aid/CPR permit, and finally his guard card.

“Right now, I’m headed to the gym,” he joked. “Right now, I’m focusing on one job,” David referred to Social Security or any Veteran’s building. “I’ll apply to other different places. I’m a protective agent,” he explained, “that’s what I enjoy.”

So we went on to talk about firearms. He described to me a situation some time ago when he was approached by some individuals out in Moreno Valley and was shot twice in the chest during a robbery. “There’s dangers, so you have to be careful. Good things happen from [guns]—bad things happen from [guns].” When the robbery occurred, he thought, “I didn’t really think anything would ever happen to me.” David expressed that, no matter how prepared you feel to be, there are always threats.

Fast forward to today, after his completion of the Homeland Security and Investigations Course. He talked about the importance of keeping face as a security officer and to use the mind before resorting to force. He said, “Always got to keep sharp. You have to balance it out. You don’t want to be hurting someone for no reason.” Over the course of training, Roland, our course instructor, helped David refine a number of things, one being trigger reset while handling firearms. Another more personal type of focus was David’s left eye dominance, which he had previously been unaware of. Adjustments in firearm grip and technique needed to be made because of this.

“I knew where my strengths and weaknesses [were],” he described. “Roland helped turn my weaknesses into strengths… There’s always room for improvement. I definitely feel improved.”




We have had so many great success stories and we just want to keep them coming. Many people have started a new career path and gone to amazing companies and seen a lot of interesting places. Here at CCS we just want to say thank you for making our experience enjoyable. So now it is time to return thefavor. Earn extra income for helping a friend find a career.


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When One Door Closes, Many Open

Returning from a flight from Chicago, our Homeland Security and Investigations graduate, Kirk Wahrman decided to drop by and say hello. We had lost touch with him for a while since he was in the process of applying for a health and safety supervisory position on the other side of the US.
Before coming to California Career School, Mr. Wahrman was in the health and safety industry working happily and enjoying his duties. However, an unexpected discovery with his own health had forced him out of the job—he was diagnosed with cancer. After several months of testing and various visits to hospitals, he returned to his work place only to find that he was relieved of his position.

This devastating news forced him to turn to the Employment Development Department (EDD) for the next step. “They kept telling me,” Kirk recalled, “You have good experience but you don’t have a degree.” Having been in the industry for years, Kirk’s experience level was high but a school background was lacking. After more dead ends and little progress in his search, Kirk changed his focus and decided to look into the security field. From 1975 to about 1995, Mr. Wahrman served in the Navy . “I was in security many years ago. Getting back into the business, being post 9/11, I knew there were going to be many changes,” he expressed.

“And that’s how I found California Career School,” Kirk said. Various aspects of security needed to be looked at in very different ways than what had been done in the past. “Roland,” said Kirk, “was very supportive and flexible, very knowledgeable, very thorough, generally takes an interest in the students and wants to see them succeed.” Roland Esquivel is our course instructor for the Homeland Security and Investigations course.

We asked Kirk about his favorite part of the course. “Graduation day,” he exclaimed, “with all the food and festivities. No, I’m just teasing. But the sense of accomplishment was there, that I completed a huge 500 hours of training.”

“We studied a lot of real life security issues, things in the news, things that were current.” Students would read these articles and the class would break them down into what laws were applied in those given situations, what procedures were taken, correct and incorrect actions taken towards a suspect, and other types of observations. “It really helped me learn the right way to look at a situation and be a better security officer.”

“Once I finished California Career School, I was considered for higher than entry level positions.” His military background played a huge part in that. Since then, the California Career School placement office has helped Kirk obtain offers from Securitas and Allied Barton. Kirk worked for both of these companies but as of this writing, he will hopefully be returning to Chicago to pursue an opportunity that he recently found in the industry he was originally in: health and safety.

We hope that Kirk will make it into this job as it is the one that he was originally looking for before reaching out to California Career School. It is indeed in his own health and his own safety that we wish him well. We would like to thank Mr. Kirk Wahrman for repeatedly taking the time to come in to visit with big smiles and always something funny to share.

“He’s got a lot of talent—he was a great student,” said Roland, our instructor. “[He] had a lot of fun experiences to share with the class, made the class more interesting… he had a great sense of humor, he will do great at whatever he puts his mind to.”

From Graduate to Job Promotion

Ricardo Barbosa came to California Career School back in January of 2011 and took our Homeland Security program. He came last week to tell us the good news! Ricardo is now the proud father of a baby boy, Evan! Congratulations from everyone here at CCS! Also, Ricardo received a promotion with his company three months ago. It seems like everything is going in the right direction, and what perfect timing. He is now a Post Commander at Universal Protection in Brea, CA. Ricardo told us that the most amazing thing about this promotion is that “most people do not receive a promotion like this until they have been with a company for 5-6 years, but I have only worked here for a year and a half”.

Ricardo used to work in construction before he came to CCS, so we asked him, why choose a vocational school? “Honestly,” Ricardo expressed, “construction wasn’t paying enough and I had a buddy that worked border patrol who told me that if I wanted to get into his field I would need to take a Homeland Security program”. Ricardo found us online and started here soon after.

So we went on to talk about firearms. Ricardo shared with us that he bought his first gun and that he received his license to carry an exposed weapon. “There are dangers, so you have to be careful.” Over the course of training, Roland, our course instructor, helped Ricardo refine a number of things, one being trigger reset while handling firearms. Another thing that Ricardo had trouble with was report writing, this may not be the most exciting part of the job, but everyone has to do it, especially in the police/sheriff department, “Roland really worked with me on this” and eventually he got it.

Ricardo told us that “Roland made the class! The best part of the class was learning baton training; we all had such a great time”. Ricardo is interested in working in the Sheriff’s department and because Roland is a retired LAPD, he has been able to help give advice. It is nice to hear that our students and instructors still keep in contact, especially since it has been over a year since Ricardo graduated. “Roland went over and beyond in all aspects of the class, I knew where my strengths and weaknesses [were],” he described. “Roland helped turn my weaknesses into strengths… There’s always room for improvement.”


Passing the BAR

After passing the state Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) exam and becoming a licensed Smog Check Technician, Christopher Wright sat down and shared with us his successes and difficulties.

Chris found CCS through an agency called CalJobs and worked with his caseworker Will. Chris said, “He never would have found CCS or even thought about going into a smog program if it wasn’t for Will”. The program was designed to help people start a new trade and also find a new job, while helping to pay for the courses needed to do so.

Chris’s success didn’t come easy though; if you asked anyone that works here at CCS, Chris would always come in an hour before class to study all the material he learned the day before. Toward the end of his time here, we would keep the shop open for him so that he could practice on the computer just to get some extra training. Chris said he “would also study late at night with his boys.” “It was nice quality time doing homework together”, they would all grab their books and have “quite reading time”. Chris said that, “from everyone helping each other do homework [his] boys have learned how to identify most parts on a vehicle”.

Chris shared his reasons for coming to our school in search of a new career: “I brewed beer for 6 years” but eventually that just wasn’t enough to keep his family afloat. He was trying to think of what he could do next to help support his family. Chris always managed restaurants; he also went to culinary school. This is how he met his wife of 15 years. He was a corporate trainer for a restaurant chain and they now have two boys together.

Chris grew up on a farm in Tennessee and was always working on tractors and cars, so he was mechanically inclined. He told us that in Tennessee, they do not require cars to be smogged out there, so he had never learned how to do anything like that. Chris really enjoyed the smog program because it is “hands on and [he] is a hands on learner”. “We worked on 12-15 cars in the total time that I was here”. Chris stated, “If ever anyone had a question, Rick (the instructor) would stop and explain the answer, and if possible he would even take us out there and actually show us on a car if possible”. Christopher plans on still keeping in touch with Rick; he said that they “really had a lot in common outside of the class room”.

Chris’s goal since he has completed the course is to “get cars fixed up so that they can pass smog and be resold”. He would like to either own his own business or partner with someone to buy a smog shop.

Zach, Mario & Jaaron Receive their CDL at our Twentynine Palms Location

These three students received their commercial truck driver’s license all from our Twentynine Palms training site, and we wanted to congratulate them on their success in the course!

Congratulations Zach Graff for receiving your CDL with a passenger endorsement!

Zack stated that he was having difficulties with “double clutching but the instructors explained that many new companies expect new drivers to double clutch”. Bailey, one of our instructors, then “explained how and why he needed to learn double clutch”. Despite the difficulties that Zach faced while training, he was able to overcome them and obtain his license.

Zach stated that the instructors were “hands on” and “aware”, “any time you needed help a teacher would be there”. One thing that Zach wanted potential students to know about CCS is that “the instructors will not give up; they will help every student understand each obstacle so that you can safely drive the truck”.

Congratulations Mario Ramos for receiving your CDL!

Mario chose to attend CCS because of our “flexibility, being able to attend school after work was a huge help to accomplish [his] goals”. Mario also stated that the “difference between other schools and CCS, CCS focuses on its students not like other schools. Other schools seem to care about money or the schools own interest, not its students”.

Congrats to Jaaron Hudson for receiving his CDL with a passenger endorsement!

Jaaron’s goal is “to become an Automotive/Diesel Technician. A CDL will soon be required for all Diesel Techs”. Jaaron is planning “to attain [his] certification as a Diesel Technician” now that he has completed his training.

One moment that stood out about Jaaron’s training was when he realized “how much my instructors; Ward, Bailey, and later Zach, cared when they would stop all driving, bring all the students into the classroom and fully explain from step 1 till the end of how all obstacles and events are to be done in the correct manner. Following instruction, they would answer all questions thoroughly. This is a great way to clear the air when students are confused”. Jaaron also stated that “the instructors really over prepare the students for DMV testing”.

“CCS is number 1. CCS will not quit on you and when it’s all said and done a student can look back on a great choice”.


Thanks you guys for the awesome feedback! And once again, we’d like to congratulate you for all your success in the course! We wish you well in all your future endeavors!

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Tune-Up/Emissions Program Starting Soon

CCS has a Tune-Up/Emissions program starting in November! Come on in to learn more about our program. Our primary objective is to prepare graduates for entry level positions in the automotive industry as engine diagnostics technicians, fuel delivery, ignition, emission and computer control systems specialists.

Here are some students replacing a leaking intake gasket. This car failed smog because of its leaking intake.

 photo 01c120cc-1cdd-4849-9720-169d8399ff34_zpsc53be57e.jpg

Here the students are using the computer to get ready to smog.

 photo 6954d808-b128-466c-8759-2dbaa01d4afc_zps96db3c43.jpg

Here our students are replacing a clutch on a truck and also checking smog on a jaguar to see why it wouldn’t pass smog.

 photo 31b0b222-29f0-481e-8148-86663fd65642_zps8648b7bd.jpg

We have class time and lectures on all the items students will be performing, but we have plenty of real life hands on experiences also. This is for a more realistic experience, so once a student graduates they are prepared for work with no surprises.