Brian Expands His Business After Obtaining CDL

Congratulations to Mr. Brian Ellis for graduating recently! “My training’s purpose,” he said when he first visited, “was to expand my business […]. Through the great teaching of my instructor, I finished my training in half of the time [enabling] me to get back to Fedex and start expanding right away!”


“The first time I went out on the street, [I] was very nervous but through the great teaching and confidence [that] my teacher had in me, I overcame it all and was successful. […] Just wanted to learn as much as I could.”

Brian’s plans now are “to expand my [ground business] into line haul side of the business. Also to support my fleet of package trucks with my tractor.”

We asked him what he wanted to share with any prospective students that wanted to get their CDL at California Career School. Brian replied, “Training is exceptional– [you are] confident when you go to the DMV and [you get] a great start in an ever growing field. Great experience I will never forget!”

Once again, congratulations Brian and we wish you well in your endeavors and for the continuing growth of your driving business!