CDL Provides Alex Schwartz With a Plan

Alex Schwartz is a recent, proud graduate of California Career School. Through his dedication, Alex was able to obtain his commercial drivers license. Alex notes, ” I chose CCS because I was getting out of the military and enjoy driving. They were the only driving school I could find that appealed to me.”

Alex’s motivation to attend the school stemmed from his observance of fellow members of the military. Alex details, “I’ve heard of service members getting out and not having a plan, and I did not want to be one of those people. Going to CCS got me to where I wanted to be.” Not wanting to fall into bad habits, Alex chose to pursue getting his CDL.

Alex relays on his training at CCS that, “I realized everything they taught me came together and helped me succeed in the class [..].” He continues on to convey that it was, ” the guided hands-on instruction” that best describes the training style at the school. With the help of our skilled instructors along with his determination to obtain his license, Alex became one of our many success stories.

Alex says that he was most surprised by, “The amount of care the instructors put into each student encouraging them to get that much better. The instructors are some of the best mentors/ friends and will help you achieve your goals here.”

Alex also describes that he enjoyed the, “Flexible hours, I scheduled when I had time or was able to go to class.” As part of our military program, we make every effort to accommodate to a student’s needs.

We want to congratulate Alex Schwartz on his achievement and are proud to add him to our list of CCS alumni.