Chris Hinojosa Walks Miles and Gets CDL

Chris initially chose CCS back in 2010 but circumstances prevented him from enrolling right away. He said, “I was supposed to be deployed in Afghanistan until mid-Oct of [2012]. […] The plan was to get out in Dec. and move [my family] home while I was deployed, CCS at the time was not a part of the plan. Well, I came back in mid-August and plans completely changed. I decided since I have more time, I’ll go to CCS, and for my first week of class, I walked to and from class until I was able to get another vehicle due to my family being back home and me in California. […] I walked from my home about 1 1/2 hours one way…”

Class added further to his experience in school. Chris told us, “The first 2 times I was taken on the road, I was so nervous. I made mistakes and beat myself up over it. 4 days passed until I drove again and all I thought was ‘splitter back, shift, shift.’ ‘Don’t put your clutch to the floor.’ Came back time to go on the road and my driving was a 360! And I’ve only improved since that day! […] I was surprised on how fast I was able to drive this truck and maneuver it around cones!”

“Being active duty and going during the day time class, they were very flexible with the fact that my unit would call me back to work. […] My CCS experience was great. I honestly recommend this program to as many people I can. I actually set up a presentation for my whole company in my unit and got every one interested information.” We’re extremely grateful to Chris for such a gesture!

Amidst everything, Chris not only got his license but also landed a job. “My initial plans coming in to the program were to get my CDL and get into the oil and natural gas industry. Well, I got the position in the oil and natural gas industry […] Me having my CDL did help me get the job […] I said, ‘I can drive that no problem, actually I have my CDL.'”

He shared with us lastly, “Even if you don’t want to be a truck driver, you should always have a back up plan. Everyone needs logistics and trucking jobs are always available. […] It’s always best to have plan B!” Once again we want to congratulate Chris for persevering, getting his license, and also finding a job!