Cody’s Positive Training Experience Leads to Tanker Job

Oceanside truck graduate Cody Hespen kindly shared his thoughts with us about how he really enjoyed his training. “My friends who have taken the course said they had compared it to people who went to other schools, and didn’t enjoy their training,” he said. “CCS has a very friendly, relatable environment which made learning fun and easy.”

Like many men and women leaving the military, civilian employment was heavy on Cody’s mind. “I needed my CDL for employment out of the military and they helped me accomplish that.” Cody told us, “After the military, I have employment lined up as a tanker truck driver.”

“Learning how to shift properly,” Cody said, was what stood out to him the most in training. “I never understood it until it was explained to me. Now I’m confident in my abilities.” Whether students know how to drive manual transmission or not, we take their knowledge and build up to be able to drive our 10-speed trucks.

He shared lastly, “The hands-on training is the best I’ve had compared to the other professional schools I’ve been to. […] The training is very relaxed and you learn the most from the professional instructors. […] It was an enjoyable learning experience. I would certainly recommend this school to others.”

Once again, congratulations to Cody for not only getting his CDL but also for landing that job himself! We wish him well in all that he does.