Collin Ayers Smith Chooses CCS

“I chose CCS because of the schedule flexibility and based off of the school’s reputation,” said Collin Smith, recent graduate from our commercial truck driver program. Collin had a few things to share about his experience at our school.

“I wanted to know more about the trucking industry and learn how to operate large tractor-trailers.” At CCS, students get to drive industry standard equipment. Employers prefer hiring those that learned on 10 speed transmissions driving trailers from 48 to 53 feet long. Collin told us that what stood out the most during training was, “When I realized that one must drive the trailer more so than the tractor. […] Driving on the road was the trickiest for me. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but with more practice and stick time I became comfortable on the road.”

What was most valuable to Collin? “Understanding that Marines sometimes don’t have a predictable schedule and the school is willing to work with our unpredictable hours of operation.” Every week, we talk to our active duty students about their schedule so that we can make sure that his or her duties always come first. If we have to write a letter to show to your command, we’ll get one ready. California Career School prides itself in serving our military men and women as they get ready to leave their duties and enter the civilian life. Students not only get to set their own schedule– they also have the opportunity of having military benefits fund their education.

“I will recommend this school to anyone who is serious about starting or furthering their career in trucking. […] It’s an easy going, no pressure, learning environment that is suitable for all learning styles and personalities,” he shared.

Right now, Collin plans to drive part time while he attends flight school. Once again, we’d like to congratulate Collin for successfully getting his class A CDL. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!