Consider A Vocational Education!

Traditionally from an early age in school, many are told what is expected of them academically. Students are told from the beginning that they must work hard in school to receive the best grades possible with honorable accomplishments in order to be accepted into a college or university.

However, many students may find that college is not the best option for them; it may not be affordable or not something they are interested in committing to. An alternative route for education that is not always considered by students is vocational or trade school.

Attending a vocational school could be extremely beneficial in comparison to college for many reasons. Graduating from a vocational school takes significantly less time with less expense than the traditional 4-year. Vocational schools may offer a variety of different scheduling options with opportunities for employment after graduation. These education opportunities can be more effective for students who are looking to begin a career in a short amount of time.

Attending a vocational school gives any student an opportunity to learn a specialized skill that will allow them to confidently enter the workforce. Students can make time efficient, effective, practical, and economical choices in their education. According to the Economic Policy Institute the unemployment rate for graduates in 2015 leaving a 4-year college or university was 7.2 % and the underemployment rate was 14.9%. This leaves many graduates to  seek entry level type of jobs possibly unrelated to their field of study, although they have a Bachelor’s degree. By attending a vocational school, graduates are learning in demand skills for careers with employment opportunities directly related to their areas of study. In comparison to universities, vocational schools offer smaller class sizes, allowing schools to offer other more hands on, direct learning and personal career assistance for their graduates.

At California Career School, training is available in high demand occupations that supports employers looking for a skilled workforce. With a variety of programs in Transportation, manufacturing, repair, and field security, we offer something for everyone. Our instructors train and prepare our students to enter their new career confidently and successfully. Graduated students are also offered Job Placement services to ensure that graduates have the best possibility of employment in the industry they trained in. If you are interested in starting a new career path and would like more information about our programs or training, please contact an Admissions Representative at California Career School today at (800) 499-6585!