Essential Log Book Tips That Every Truck Driver Needs To Be Aware Of

As a truck driver there are many important things that you need to do when you are on the road. One of the most important things is to keep a good log book. This book is important because it is how truckers keep track of every minute of their days when on the road.

It will also be needed for important information that will help you meet the DOT compliance and pass their inspection. It is required that every trucker keep their own log of their days.

There are some important tips that you need to be aware of that will help you keep a good log of everything that is important on the road. Here are the essential tips to always keep in mind and use for the most accurate book possible.

1. Keep your book as current as possible – It is always a good idea to get in the habit of keeping your logs current or you won’t be in DOT compliance. It is also important because it is too easy to say you will do it later and then never do.

This will mean you forget to write things down and important information is lost. This doesn’t look good for you as a driver and is very unprofessional. Get in the habit of updating it every time you stop to always keep it current.

2. Make sure your book is neat – When you have a DOT inspection, if they see that you have kept your book clean, legible and neat then they won’t be so hard on you. This shows them that you are a professional driver and you take your job very seriously.

3. Be as thorough as you can be with your logs – This is also important for a DOT inspection. Always take time to make sure your logs are complete and are also current. You must fill in every space because this also makes you look professional and serious about your job.

4. Accurate calculations – It is very important that time is taken for careful calculation of numbers. Get in the habit of double checking your numbers so you can be sure they are accurate.

The book must coincide with your fuel receipts and tickets for tolls. Anything that is inaccurate will send up a red flag during an inspection and will reflect badly on you are a truck driver. Be very careful to always get your calculations right and double check them to be sure.

With these essential tips in mind, you can now see why the log book is so important to truck drivers. You must do everything you can to keep yours up to date and complete as you can. Always remember that your log book reflects on you as a professional driver and will tell others whether you are serious about your job or not.

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