Gabby Stokes Earns Bus License

We just had a moment to catch up with Michel’la Gabby Stokes, our recent bus graduate, as she shared her thoughts about her training. She wrote, “CCS had the best ratings and reviews when I was doing research on what school to go to. I am so happy to say that the reviews were wrong… That school was better than what they said =)”

Gabby talked about the hurdles she pushed through. “The one issue I had is the school was a little far and gas was crazy but now that I’ve graduated, it was more than worth it. My training is already doing what I wanted it to which is to open up multiple new opportunities to support myself well into the future. […] When Adam taught me how to parallel park and I actually did it right was one of my happiest moments at this school.” She also added, “It was hard at first to see out of the bus mirrors and tell what I was looking at but Donnavin told me to stick with it and not let it discourage me and that I would get used to it and he was right.”

“I was surprised how soon we got to hop in and drive the buses. […] This school truly is training us students for success in their areas of interest. […] CCS is absolutely worth the time to consider if you’re looking to further your education.”

We asked Gabby what she is up to now. She replied, “I am now looking for a job with confidence and have already been offered one!”

She last said that, “Classes are small, the instructors are knowledgeable, and it’s affordable!”

Once again, we want to congratulate Gabby for completing her bus driving license with us and we appreciated her enthusiasm all the way through. We love to have great students like her! We wish her well in all of her future endeavors.