Graduate Lands Work Immediately Despite Being Away On Duties

“I wanted to take this course in order to have a skilled job upon my separation from the Marine Corps,” shared trucking graduate Dewey Brown. We want to congratulate him on his recent success here at California Career School now that he has his commercial truck driver’s license.

Dewey also told us a few things about his training. “I was in the truck and I misjudged the distance from the curb. My instructor jumped up and grabbed the wheel and corrected me,” he said. Moments like these are just a part of hands-on training.

“After I had started the course, my command recalled me for duty. I was not able to come to the course for three weeks. Fortunately, I was able to pick up where I left off and finished the course,” described Dewey. Active duty military students are offered flexible scheduling as well as the ability to request extensions– we understand that military duties come first and that sometimes students must be away for weeks at time. The course is designed to enable students like Dewey to continue training even after being away.

“Not only do you help get the CDL, but you also help us find a job,” Dewey said about CCS. “I was very satisfied with the course. […] I have a job with IPS and will be going to work in North Dakota.”

Dewey only had two short words to share with others thinking of getting their CDL at CCS: “Do it.”

Once again, we want to congratulate Dewey on not only successfully getting his CDL but also for landing a job so quickly with IPS. We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!