Graduating This Past Month

When Lance first started, we found that he had just turned 18 and that this seemed to be an obstacle in receiving his firearms permit. In the state of California, an individual must be 21 years of age in order to purchase a firearm. However, Lance would be working for a security company that requires armed patrol. This being the case, he is allowed to obtain an exposed firearms carry permit for his job. This company would be the party issuing firearms to Mr. Wilson for on the job activity– he remains unable to purchase firearms on his own until age 21.

Together with this carrying permit, Lance also obtained his guard card, CPR certification, baton and pepper-spray training. “The best part of the course was the shooting and the baton part,” writes Lance. See clips from our baton training.

Lance further commented on his instructor, “Roland is a very good teacher and really knows what he’s talking about.” Roland Esquivel, our HLS course instructor, is a retired LAPD lieutenant and had been in the force for 21 years before coming to California Career School to teach and help those interested in beginning a security career. Lance began this 500 hour course June 28, 2010 and completed right on time on November 12, 2010.

To Lance, we wish you all the best! You have been a fantastic student and you are always welcome at California Career School.

Link to: Lance’s testimonial Wilson-Lance

Special thanks to Kirk Wahrman for these excellent photos!