How One Student Overcame Funding

Over the summer, Alex Alonso came to California Career School to obtain his Class A license and secure employment as a truck driver. Funding, however, proved to be a very difficult ordeal.

Alex needed to secure a way to pay for school– a struggle that many students across the country have always experienced. “I appreciate what the school did for me. They used their expertise to find me the best financial resources for my situation.”

What Alex was referring to was being unable to obtain training funds through key agencies like the EDD/WIA and he also did not qualify for federal student aid. On top of this, he was unable to use his VA benefits because his daughter had been utilizing it for her education.

To combat these hurdles, California Career School assisted Alex in his search of alternative funding options. By making use of the military veterans’ discount that California Career School offers and by placing him with an employer partner who offers tuition reimbursement, Alex’s tuition cost was covered 100%.

Alex completed our training program at the top of his class, obtaining both his Class A and Class B license on his first try. “I know I got the best training at California Career School because when I went to the DMV, it showed. The other school’s student looked like it was the first time in a truck.”

Now that Alex has completed all 300 hours of his training, he will begin his truck driving career with Werner Enterprises. “I am looking forward to getting started. This is something I have always wanted to do. After my recent lay off and just celebrating my 47th birthday, I felt this was the perfect time to fulfill a lifetime goal.”