Incredible Chance to Join Booming Trucking Industry!
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With a recovering economy, and the $700 billion dollar trucking industry growing, the demand for imported goods has risen. According to the American Trucking Association, 68.8 percent of tonnage carried by transportation is done by the trucking industry. Because of the rapid progress in the industry and the number of drivers entering retirement, there continues to be an immense shortage of drivers, growing to closely 48,000 within the last year.

However, due to this shortage, salaries of truck drivers have increased by up to 12 percent in 2015 and continue to increase. According to the National Transport Institute, the average pay for truckers increased to $57,000 last year. This leaves companies offering qualified truck drivers employment opportunities with higher salaries, excellent benefits, and favorable incentives. Long haul drivers can now enjoy more time at home to be with friends and family; Veterans of the Armed Forces are now eligible for excellent employment opportunities upon their discharge from the military. Many drivers can now accrue sign-on bonuses, drive exceptional truck models, and experience stability and growth within a company that may have been lacking from other industries.

The American Trucking Association reported the need to hire an average of 89,000 drivers a year for the next decade to address the shortage, giving those pursuing a career in truck driving an incredible chance to join a booming industry. If you are considering a career change, the transportation industry might be the right place for you!

California Career School has offered Commercial Truck Driving training since 1994 in an effort to address the driver shortage, arming graduates with a Class A license needed to fill thousands of driver positions available every year. Within the past 6 months alone, several companies have contacted California Career School to promote their own increase in student driver pay, increased training salaries, and additional tuition reimbursement assistance for graduates of our training program. Many of our students receive pre-employment offers before they graduate, allowing them to compare the different incentives that companies offer. Contact a school counselor today to learn more about the stability and financial benefits that this industry can offer you!