Interviewing Graduate Todd Harris

Todd graduated with this commercial truck driver’s license, coming to class every day and finishing up in record time. Take a look at this interview after his DMV test.

Why did you choose CCS?
“CCS is only 9.4 miles from my residence. All other training facilities were over 40 miles away. I looked into 3 schools as the WIA requested. CCS was lower in price. My training was not so much a burden on the taxpayer.”

What life challenges made you consider undergoing vocational training?
“The economy was bad and job opportunities were slime. I was given guidance to look into truck driving careers. There is work to be had. All my previous careers dried up. This could very well be my last career in life.”

Describe a moment that students out.
“I will never forget the first time I drove a truck. It was a scary moment, yet with [my instructor], I got through it. Thanks to […] CCS, I’m on my way to a better life.”

Did you face any obstacles during training?
“My only obstacle was me. I needed to put more confidence in myself and dig in my heels and get serious about my training. When not at school, I was studying. To prep for the DMV written test, the skills test, the road test was worrisome. In the end I confronted my concerns and overcame.”

How was your instructor?
“As a student, I was nervous, worried about failure. Their guidance got me through the curriculum. They stayed calm and cool and collected through every and all situations.”

Was there anything surprising or unexpected?
“I was happy to hear that ***** hires from CCS. Like no other training ground, I could see the Matterhorn at Disneyland, which actually had a soothing effect. Driving around Disneyland and the surrounding area added to the scenery as a trainee. CCS is in a great location.”

What have you found the most valuable?
“You gave me proper training for a better tomorrow. I will always be grateful for a memorable time of life during the a time of the year of clear weather.”

Describe your overall experience.
“Top notch! A+, class act! High level quality. I have been through several schools– the US Army had me go through a dozen schools over 8 years. CCS is my second trade school and I found it enjoyable and high quality.”

What are your plans now?
“Now that I am done with training, I need to embark upon my new career, move back into the working world and finally get off unemployment.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with anyone trying to choose a vocational school?
“I can give guidance to anyone where to find CCS and how good a school you are. […] In the future, anyone I can steer to CCS, I hope, will have the funding, time and motivation to succeed as I have.”