Congratulations to John Skaggs!

John Skaggs recently obtained both his commercial truck driver license and passenger endorsement. “Marines […] in my unit went through the course and both enjoyed the environment and curriculum,” said John. “The job placement option is a definite resource that attracted me to the program, whether I utilize it in the near future or later on.”

“The opportunity, with any vocational school, is the present state of the economy and the present labor needs for any skilled trade,” John shared about his decision to go to California Career School. At this time, over-the-road commercial truck driver positions are numerous with openings constant. Our placement department works with prospective students, current students, and graduates to assist them in their search for jobs across the US. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, “The number of wage and salary jobs in the truck transportation and warehousing industry is expected to grow 11 percent from 2008 through 2018.”

“For me, there was no difficulty attending any portions of the course, but certainly the flexible hours is great […] is very important to future students, especially active duty military,” John went on. Flexible training hours at our contract locations are set up for our active duty military students to help keep their military duties as the number one priority. “Drive lessons and tips according to the environment (rain, wind, traffic), a real-world driving area to develop safe skills. […] There wasn’t a ‘classroom’ atmosphere. Every part of the training was a ‘hands-on’ approach.”

Prospective students are encouraged to visit and watch our training in action in order to help them in their decision about what school to go to. John wanted to share one last item to these students: “Really glad I took the course with CCS. […] By seeing the instructors and students in action, a potential student may have a clearer picture of the school’s qualities.”

Again we would like to congratulate John for his successful completion of the course and we wish him luck in his future endeavors.