Graduate Benefits from Instructor’s Teaching Methods

Marine John Wise recently acquired his class A and passenger endorsement at our Oceanside training location just minutes outside of Camp Pendleton. He had a few things to share about his learning experiences with our instructors over the duration of his training. John graduated from class in just over a month!

John wanted to thank both of his instructors, Jose Ballesteros and Joseph Evins. “They’re all about the student learning.” He described Joseph as “smooth” and “breaks it down step by step.” Jose, on the other hand, is someone he felt was, “fact-based, fast-paced” and geared towards “fast learners.” To John, it was important to receive constructive criticism and this is something that Jose did not hesitate to provide. “Jose’s a trip,” he laughed. “They make a good team.”

“Right now,” he told us, “I’m still active duty. […] I’m waiting for a transportation company in New York.” He had already sent in his resume and is hoping for the good news to come up soon.

“I would definitely recommend the school,” John said, citing our accreditation and flexibility with our Military students. “I enjoyed [the class]– it was fun to me. If I could do it all day, I would.”

Once again, congratulations to John for completing the course successfully and quickly. We wish him luck in his endeavors in New York!