Jordan’s Training Goes Smoothly

Jordan Lance got his commercial class A license while training at our Twentynine Palms contract location. After getting his license, he shared a few words with us about his training experience.

“CCS initially stood out to me when the rep explained to me how easy it was to use my tuition assistance for the course. Once he helped me ‘get the ball rolling,’ it was all down hill,” he told us. Our commercial driver program is approved for tuition assistance by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The majority of our military students are able to get their tuition fully covered by this benefit.

“My time was nearing an end in the military and I had decided to hold off on college for a year or so,” Jordan went on. Transitioning out of the military into civilian life is a common and usually unexpected difficulty experienced by men and women as they leave the service. “Downside was that decision left me concerned about employment opportunities. Since making the choice to attend CCS- my confidence to succeed int he civilian world greatly increased… especially when I received my class A CDL!”

“A moment that stood out about my training was right after I passed my first pre-trip inspection. I thought to myself, ‘Hey, that was easier than I thought!'” During the first portion of training, students must memorize the commercial truck pre-trip. The DMV requires that you be able to point out specific parts of the truck and recite the pre-trip verbatim during your test.

While training, one of Jordan’s difficulties was his schedule, something that most of our students have to deal with. “Still being on active duty, I had the occasional obligation to stay late at work. The instructors and staff were very willing and helpful to work with my schedule.”

We asked him, was there anything during your experience with CCS that was surprising or unexpected? He gladly said, “I passed!”

Right now, Jordan plans to head home and begin his efforts to land a local driving job. He shared finally, “You walk us through the tuition assistance process, provided flexible hours, and great instructors. […] It was a good experience with quality training. I started with baby steps and finished sprinting. I would definitely recommend your course to anybody looking to further their career. […] Your money, time, and efforts will not be wasted. CCS provides an excellent environment for a thorough and exciting learning experience.”

Once again, congratulations to Jordan for his success in the program! We wish him well in his future endeavors– he is welcome back at CCS at any time for any assistance that he may need.