Juan Carlos Flores Hits the Ground Running with New Job

“The amount of practice and time on the trucks I think is what made the difference,” said Juan Carlos Flores, recent graduate from our commercial truck program. “It seemed like something that could be obtained easily and stress free and was a good safety net to have as an option. Also the fact that they help you with job placement should I decide to make this my new career.”

At California Career School, our commercial driver’s programs are geared towards preparing students for what employers are looking for. Many employers look for applicants with a specific number of training hours and will not take graduates from programs that are too short on training time.

“As I was going through the training,” described Juan, “it hit me that this was going to be actually a lot more obtainable than I thought […]. The instructors made sure everything was clear and simple to understand.””

“For me it was more of an opportunity,” Juan told us, “Something extra to have that would make me more competitive in the civilian job market.”

In the end, Juan’s completion of the program led to a job. “I plan to return home and get a well paying job and thanks to CCS I can do that. They helped me get a good paying job at *****.”

Congratulations to Juan for his success in class and for landing a job immediately afterwards! We wish him well in all of his future endeavors.