Lang Vang Interview

Lang graduated from our Twentynine Palms location and obtained his class A license. We have asked him some questions about his training and he has allowed us to share his thoughts.

How did you come across our school?
“My wife went to this school and along with a couple of my Marines […] I heard nothing but great things about this school. Since I didn’t have any set plans yet for when I get out of the Marine Corps, I thought this would make a great fall back plan.”

What was one of your biggest challenges in your decision?
“Well, I’m a pretty short guy, I’m 5’1″ and these trucks are big. I wanted to learn how to drive and control a semi truck with ease.”

What stands out about your training?
“During a road training, I was driving. We came to a really tight corner. When I made the turn, I didn’t think about the fundamentals and luckily [instructor] Ward was able to guide me through it. This goes to show that the fundamentals are important and if you don’t apply them you might damage something […]”

Did you face any difficulties or obstacles during training?
“Some obstacles that I faced was the traffic. Driving a big vehicle is pretty scary when you’re driving around other vehicles that you can barely see around you. I overcame this by keeping to what I learned and applying my fundamentals.”

How would you describe your instructor?
“Motivating, inspirational, and knowledgeable.”

Was there anything surprising or unexpected?
“The atmosphere and the teaching. This place makes makes you feel comfortable and feel like you’re a part of the family.”

What have you found the most valuable?
“This school has great teachers. People who take you under their wings and teach you everything you know and a lot of hands on with the trucks.”

Overall, what is your experience with CCS?
“This was a great experience with the school. I’m looking forward to applying what I learned here out in the real world.”

In Lang’s final interview words, “You won’t regret coming to this school.”

We are grateful for students like Lang who make up the bread and butter of who we are. Once again we want to congratulate him on his successful graduation and we wish him well in his future endeavors.