Memorable Training Moments

Over the past few months, we talked to several of our military graduates and they have graciously shared their thoughts about key moments during their training with California Career School.

Was there anything during your experience with CCS that was surprising or unexpected?

“That I got through so fast.” – Travis Johnson

“The steering wheel was an eye opener. It takes more to keep the rig straight.” – Johnathon Allen

“I was able to go at my own pace, not everyone else’s.” – Matt Ockerman

Describe a moment that stands out about your training.

“The downshift moment, when I was finally able to shift down to 3rd gear. I felt totally ready to pass my drive test and I did.” – Michael Davies

“My light bulb moment was during backing the truck. Knowing where the trailer goes when you turn the wheel in either direction.” – Luis Quintero-Espinoza

“Driving, when I first drove. I felt I was doing the right thing, felt like something I wanted to make a career out of.” – Raul Gastelum

All of these graduates have commercial class A driver licenses after successfully completing their training at our Oceanside and Twentynine Palms contract training locations or at our Anaheim corporate office. Congratulations to you all once again and we wish you the best!