Michael Davies: “Freedom to Be My Own Boss”

Update 02/17/12: Michael is going to begin working this Monday! Congratulations!

He has obtained his commercial class A license and passenger endorsement out in our Oceanside contract training site.

For Michael, independence is very important. “I left the Navy in Sept. 2010. The economy is terrible. I tried conventional college and found that it was not for me. CCS offered me something that college would not: freedom to be my own boss.”

CCS placement coordinator Marcelle Gerard has been working with Michael to help him land a job. “He’s going over the road,” she talked about his plans. Marcelle describes Michael as “very energetic” and “passionate.” He is “very supportive of the other students” and is always exchanging pictures with those that are currently over the road. At the moment, Marcelle said, companies “***** and ***** are right on top of him. He definitely has prospects, they’re looking at him.”

Once again we congratulate Michael on his successful completion and we wish him luck in all of his endeavors!