Michael Letcher Trains for Dream Job

We wanted to congratulate Michael on his successful completion of the commercial truck driver training program. He decided to take on our training in order to help him land a really awesome job that he had lined up for him.

“CCS had a great program with enough time to practice as well as previous students’ positive feedback and a very friendly and helpful staff. […] For the job I need, I needed a class A CDL to be hired onto the team, therefore getting my training done in a fast and thorough amount of time was a necessity,” shared Michael.

What was most valuable to him was, “Driving in real life situations with a tractor trailer.” If it rains during your training, you get to practice driving in the rain. Students get to drive through city streets and freeways interacting with other regular drivers for a dose of reality. He included other things, “[It was a] small class size, professional environment, friendly staff, and focus on each individual student’s needs and having the opportunity to divide the DMV pre-trip test and driving test.”

“It is a very good school that gets the job done,” Michael told us. So what were these dream plans that he was talking about? Right now, Michael plans to, “[f]inish college to get my degree in automotive technology and then join a professional monster truck racing team.”

Now that’s one of the most exciting jobs yet! “It takes self-discipline and the will to be there and learn all of what you can…” We wish him luck in all of his future endeavors and we hope to see pictures of him behind the wheel transporting one of his team’s monster trucks!