Michael Waldron III Gets CDL and Passenger Endorsement

Michael Waldron III graduated from our commercial truck driving course and received his CDL and passenger endorsement. He shared a few things with us about how his training went.

He talked to us about the moments that stood out for him. “Gotta be the skills course,” he said. “They walked me around it, showed me with the toy truck, three times around I did my test and passed before I went to the DMV.” Before taking the final exam at the DMV CDL office, CCS students must pass with us. Students will not be sent to the DMV until they are ready.

What Michael found difficult was what he calls “5 point boredom,” or the 5 point pre-trip. “To overcome it, do it a couple times, walk around, sit […], go back and repeat,” he shared, was his biggest challenge. To safely drive trucks, drivers must regularly perform pre-trip inspections to the highest standards. These inspections are long and must be demonstrated and recited verbatim to DMV examiners.

For Michael, the most valuable part of training was the learning pace and that, “when [you] need help, [instructors] are right there.” His overall opinion of CCS was one with pleased, spirited language that we cannot share here! He leaves us with this: “it’s an awesome school with awesome instructors with real world trucks, trailers, and practice routes. It’s even accredited […] and there’s multiple trucking companies that mainly hire CCS grads.”

Once again, congratulations to Michael for getting his commercial class A license complete with a passenger endorsement. He plans to also pursue welding training while working out in West Virginia. Once again, we wish him well in all of his future endeavors!