Commercial Driver Program for Military

About us

California Career School has been in business since 1970 and has been given the privilege to train active duty personnel since 1999. Most of our students obtain their Commercial License to ensure that they have job opportunities wherever they go in their civilian lives.


Training is offered locally, with convenient locations in Oceanside (near Camp Pendleton), Twentynine Palms, and Anaheim, CA. In the event of PCS, California Career School has the ability to allow our students the opportunity to continue their training at any available training facility. You will receive hands-on training on industry standard size vehicles with no homework or out of classroom study required. You will receive an unrestricted Driver’s License with the option to obtain all endorsements before completing the course.

Scheduling – Train while you are still Active Duty

If you are currently serving Active Duty, California Career School understands that your Military Duty will always come first. As a result, we have designed our training to allow our students to choose a training schedule that works for them without impact on their military duties. We offer the ability to change your class schedule as your duties require, as well as to combine available training blocks to fulfill your minimum required training hours. In the event that you must report to duty or participate in any kind of field training, all you would need to do is provide us with a letter from your command with the dates that you were not able to train due to military obligations. Long term service obligations, such as deployments, will require a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the school. Our modular training allows you to return and pick right up where you’ve left off. Training time blocks are available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, as well as weekends! We’ve been training active duty since 1999; we understand your commitments and have you covered.

For those who prefer to train Full-time while serving Active Duty, you may need to request TAD. Requests for TAD are time sensitive and may take some time to process. Once you have chosen your training start and end dates, begin this process as soon as possible.

Already out of the military? Both Full and part time training schedules are available to you! Choose a schedule that works for you!

Job Placement

All graduates are provided job placement assistance nationwide to assist in their transition. Job placement is available as soon as you begin your training to help you in obtaining a job by the time you separate. We have frequent employer visits which are open to anyone interested. You will need to contact our main office if you are a prospective student and would like to attend one of these employer visits. Job placement representatives will also assist with resume writing by taking note of all of your experience and translating it to fit the job or companies you are applying for.


Tuition Assistance: Enlisted Marines must have an EAS of sixty (60) days beyond the completion date of the course in order to be approved for TA. Classes start every 2 weeks. Your Base Education Office can help you determine if you meet the requirements to use your TA based on your EAS date, you can contact your Base Education office

The fiscal year for Tuition Assistance begins October 1st and ends September 15th. Please be aware that any requests for Tuition Assistance after the 15th of September will be denied. If you are interested in a start date during this time, please submit your request for tuition assistance prior to the 15th of September.

GI Bill:  Active Duty, as well as Veterans, may be eligible to use Montgomery GI Bill or Post 911 towards the cost of our training programs. In addition to the payment of tuition and fees, students who use Post 911 towards their education at California Career School may be eligible for a housing stipend for the duration of their training, as well as an annual book and supply stipend.