Naval Man Travis Mooney Gets Full Commercial License

“I chose CCS because they are military friendly and have staff that understand how the GI bill works and are approved for the new post 911 GI bill,” said Travis Mooney, one of our new graduates from the commercial truck program. Travis, former Navy sailor, obtained both his class A and passenger endorsement on his first try.

He shared more with us, “I wanted to change my career after my time in the Navy. I enjoy travel and like driving so this is a good combination of both.” He said that his biggest accomplishment was, “getting my license and knowing that I was prepared enough to go out on my own and drive safely and with confidence.” CCS instructor supervisor, Donnavin Francois, indicated that Travis was a natural and that he was way ahead of pace.

At this time, he intends to seek additional licensing to drive cranes and is working with our placement department to update his military resume for the civilian world. Travis will now be coupling this with his Naval equipment tech experience and his new commercial driver’s license!

Once again, we want to congratulate Travis for completing the course quickly and successfully and for being an excellent student and driver. We wish him well in his future endeavors!