Network Admin Takes On Trucking Career

Marius Gabriel Sipa, network administrator, decided to take on an entirely different career and came to California Career School for his next step. “Due to the unemployment crisis,” he told us, “the market is flooded with qualified network administrators like myself, so I wasn’t able to gain employment for over a year. I decided it was time for a career towards a completely different direction.”

We asked him, why did you choose CCS? “Training location. The other schools I visited had offices in Orange County, but their training locations were in Riverside or San Bernardino. Also their staff, though nice enough, did not impress me as much as the CCS staff. Lastly, as mentioned before, the CCS staff was great and so I saw CCS as a great opportunity.”

“The day I was doing pre-trip memorization and I thought I knew it well enough, and Donnavin tested me,” Gabriel shared with us. “When I was done with the front of the truck he said, ‘Ok now, again, with confidence!’ That was the point where I decided that everything I was going to do thereout will be ‘with confidence!’ Thanks Donnavin.”

Were there any difficulties during your training? “Yes. Skills! [My instructor] can tell you that I struggled with the alley dock maneuver. The parallel park I nailed every time. The rest of the maneuvers were a cake walk. However, when test day came, I completely bombed my parallel park, which had been my easiest, and nailed the alley dock. I learned to never assume, nor be over-confident.” Gabriel described his as, “Encouraging. Knowledgeable. Patient. If [he] had hair, he would have had many gray ones among them. [He] always reacted calmly, even in situations where I thought we couldn’t recover. He talked me through everything calmly and I never had to worry about getting into a situation [he] couldn’t recover. Impressive.”

Gabriel is currently in the middle of an application process with a carrier and we’re looking forward to hearing the results!

“Both staff and students support each other and encourage each other on a level to be admired. […] I had a great experience with CCS, and looked forward to every day at the school. […] Do it! You won’t regret it.”