Positive Attitude Gets Victor to Graduate

Congratulations to our student Victor Ortega for getting through his commercial driving course and getting both his class A license and passenger endorsement on his first try. We wanted to commend Victor for always being in good spirits and staying attentive in class.

“It was good,” he told us, “Ken taught me a lot… If I’m making a mistake, [he would] correct right then and there.” Victor explained, “Just tell me what to improve on.”

A friend of his referred him to California Career School and through various meetings with the EDD, he found his way here. “At first I hesitated,” Victor said, unsure of what he wanted to do with his future. “To me, it’s like… let’s see– just a different career… Just want to make a living.”

Victor wanted to share a few more words. “Give it a try,” he said about California Career School. “I’ve been to other schools… The staff here are friendly… It’s a good school–very attentive.”

He went on to talk about his plans after graduation, “Whatever’s available– the options are there, you just have to look for it.”

Once again, congratulations Victor! We wish you well in your future endeavors!!