Returning After 7 Years

Having been deployed numerous times, Steve Kovacs endured several hurdles before finally being able to complete his CDL. On top of this, he told us, “I was 183 miles from the school and had to run another household.”

“I just wanted to get my CDL to have a backup when I was going to come off active duty,” said Steve.

After all this time, he finally passed his test for class A and the passenger endorsement, both back to back one day after the other. “Just listen to your instructor, they know what they are doing,” he shared. “[It's] a very good military school with flexible options… very satisfied, will definitely recommend [California Career School].”

Last time we spoke with him, he had obtained a pre-hire with a large carrier shortly after his graduation.

We want to congratulate Steve for enduring towards his goal and then very immediately finding a job afterwards!

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