CCS Provides a Smooth Transition For Richard Koplin

California Career School was the perfect fit for Richard Koplin, considering the challenge he faced. Richard conveys,  “The challenge for me was going from military trucking to the challenge of civilian trucking. The rules are completely different and my instructors helped make that transition easier.” CCS was able to accommodate to Richard’s needs and guide him in transitioning from two different types of trucks.

On why Richard chose the school he relays, “CCS had a very good reputation within my community. They came highly recommended from the Base Education Center. The instructors truly care about the students learning and retaining the information. I have never got that from any other schools I have attended.”

During his training Richard says that he gained the most insight, “… when I went on the road and realized that one slight mistake could cause a 60 ton piece of equipment to go haywire and that I was controlling it. For me, learning to control the vehicle, which was different than any I had operated previously, in a safe and proper manner was the hardest. What helped me the most was being put into situations that required me to exercise control over the vehicle.”

In his future plans Richard conveys, “I will retire from the military and transition to a life of driving. I would like to get some years experience then become an owner/ operator.”

“CCS is a great school that has no comparison,” says Richard. We congratulate you on getting your CDL!