Robert Clark Overcomes His Busy Schedule

Oceanside truck graduate Robert Clark shares his experience with us after getting his license in less than two months (and that’s quick when you’re busy with military duties!). “It was one of the few certified CDL schools,” he said. “Also the job I was trying to get told me to go through you guys so I did.”

“I wanted the training to help me get my CDL as well as be a knowledgeable truck driver and it did. As for a challenge it was my challenge to get the CDL because my command wouldn’t let me go during the day and I already needed to do stuff at night and then my terminal was coming up so it was a huge time crunch for me.” We talk to our students on a weekly basis to get them scheduled for training with us while working around their duties. When asked about his difficulties, Robert told us, “[It was] my command telling me to go at night and to overcome them. I put more and more hours and dedication at and away from school in order to graduate on time.”

What surprised him the most was, “The level of care and concern and actual caring about how I’m doing in and out of school.” We made sure to work with Robert’s “crazy work schedule” as he described it and he was set for graduation just in time with his EAS.

Class hours at our Oceanside contract training location for active duty military are 0800 to 1200, 1230 to 1630, and the night class that Robert and many other students commit to, 1800-2200. We also have a Saturday class from 1000 to 1800.

Once again we want to congratulate Robert for pushing through and getting his commercial class A license. We wish him well in his future endeavors! He landed a job before graduation and is starting on July 9!