Marine Robert Puga Gets His CDL

Robert Puga recently earned his class A license passing each of the three tests on his very first try. Robert talks about his experiences with California Career School and what he plans to do with his new license.

We asked him about what led him to CCS. “Well for one the school is accredited and its been around for 41 years,” Robert described. “My buddy ***** is the one who told me about CCS and said the training methods were good.”

“The challenge for me,” he went on, “was I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got out [of the military]. I thought that maybe if I could not find a job I could use my class A to find a job. Now having driven a big rig I know that’s what I want to do.”

Experiencing something new is not without surprises, trials, and tribulations. “The difficulties or obstacles during my training were the alley dock and parallel parking. I overcame those obstacles because I had an instructor there to guide me in the right direction.” However, Robert reflected, “The moments that stand out from my training is the confidence the instructors had in me.” He went on to describe his instructors Ward, Ryan, John, and Randall as, “effective, knowledgeable, [and] understanding.”

“What [was] surprising and unexpected was how soon you get to start driving.”

In the end, what was most valuable to him was the design of the course. “Breaking up the training objectives and moving on to do different things during class,” Robert shared with us.

“It is a great school and would recommend to my friends… If you want knowledgeable instructors with OJT [on the job training] come to CCS.”

Congratulations to Robert and we wish you luck in your future endeavors with your new-found commercial truck driver’s license!