Ruben Duran: Determined to Succeed

“I chose CCS because I wanted to have a back up plan. I’ve always wanted a challenge. So being not able to drive stick, I was determined. A lot of great reviews from previous students made CCS stand out,” wrote new truck graduate Ruben Duran. “I didn’t have a plan when I was getting out [of the Marines]. But since attending here in CCS, my job opportunities and doors opened up. Now I feel more comfortable getting out and less stressed.”

“The instructors are real dedicated to the students’ success,” said Ruben. “And from going to the DMV twice, I have seen that no other school stands out like CCS. Not the way the instructor talks to the students or [anything else].” He joked that his instructors were, “Straight-headed, deliberate, and woooaaah (Ward).”

“At first I did [have obstacles],” Ruben shared, “I’ve learned that listening to the instructors and keeping myself calm made a difference in my performance.”

“With a place like this here in 29, the instructors make it enjoyable here. […] Overall opinion here in CCS is nothing but awesome. I’m proud I’ve made this decision on attending CCS. […] Great instructors and staff. CCS is there to help you out. You will see the difference with other schools.”

Congratulations again to Ruben for his successful completion of his class A license! He is transferring over from Twentynine Palms to our Anaheim location and will be adding his passenger endorsement as well. We’re looking forward to it!