Rudy Talks About CDL Training at CCS

We wanted to congratulate Rudy Zavala on his successful completion of our commercial truck driver training course. Today we have both a video from him and a few words that he has shared with us about his training experience at California Career School.

“The way it is organized is one reason I chose this school,” Rudy told us, “Also the job placement is good and helpful. The other schools I went to see didn’t offer any of that.”

For Rudy, the biggest moment that stood out to him was, “Doing the skills test at the DMV. The first one I had to do was alley dock, when I did it on the first try, I was able to relax my nerves but without the proper training of the staff involved, I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

“I was surprised how dedicated the instructors are to help you out, not too many schools would do that,” said Rudy. “I like every aspect of the school and how they prepare me not only for the test at DMV but also for my first job. […] I feel I’m a good driver on the road and it’s because of this school.”

When we last spoke with Rudy, he was out on the road in Texas! Once again, we want to congratulate Rudy for getting his class A license and finding a job driving over the road! He is always welcome at CCS and we wish him the best.