Samuel Medina Gets His Truck and Bus License

CCS would like to congratulate one of its recent graduates, Samuel Medina! Samuel was able to put his determination and hard work to the test and obtain both his truck and bus licenses at our Oceanside location. He shared a bit of his training experience with us.

“I [chose] CCS,” Samuel noted, “because it worked with my work schedule to attend night classes. CCS [also] stood out because it was TA (tuition assistance) funded.”

On his instructor’s teaching styles, Samuel details that it is,”Very hands on and [they used] verbal communication when needing corrections. Being on a self paced basis.”

What Samuel values most about California Career School is that, “[They] take care of military veterans and cover night classes.” His overall opinion of the school is, “Very excellent.”

We asked Samuel if he had anything he would like to share regarding CCS with any prospective students.  Samuel replied, “They have high pass rate[s].”

Once again we would like to congratulate Samuel Medina and wish him all the best for the future!