Searching For a Secure Career? Consider Computer Numerical Control!

With the rise of technology, much of machining is now computerized, changing the way the manufacturing industry operates. In order to prepare parts, machinists now must learn how to use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to complete these assignments. CNC is the use of machine tools to precisely prepare parts through blue prints and computer operated systems. The usage of CNC is growing, allowing more companies to effectively design and create parts using these programs and machine tools.

Due to the expanding change of pace in the industry, the prior workforce entering retirement, and a shortage of qualified machinists, there are growing opportunities for machinists that have been trained in CNC. Employers are looking for machinists who are certified, and have the skills and education to effectively operate the programs and machines.

The Computer Numerical Control program at California Career School prepares students for entry level employment in the CNC field. Through quality instruction, students learn a multitude of skills, including: the fundamentals of machine shop practices, basic mathematics as it applies to machine operation, blueprint reading, 3 levels of mill & lathe programming, advanced concepts and techniques in computer aided manufacturing, computer aided design, CNC programming and operation. The program is currently offered in the evenings, allowing a schedule to support students who are currently working during the day. Enrolling in the CNC program at California Career School is a step in the direction for a successful and secure career in the machining and manufacturing industry.