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Thanks for These Great Testimonials

A number of students have wanted to share their experiences with CCS and have either written, taken videos, or spoken with us about how their lives were affected afterward.

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Vanessa Abdin – Pre-Hired Before Completing

Alex Alonso – How One Student Overcame Funding


Michael Baca – Miramar Student Passes on First CDL Test

Zachary Baker – Zachary Baker Graduates from Twentynine Palms

Wyatt Bates – Wyatt Bates Sets New Goal

Dewey Brown – Graduate Lands Work Immediately Despite Being Away On Duties

Kenneth Burkart – YPIC Grad Kenneth Burkart Lands a Job

Levi Busch – Student to the Rescue!


Joshua Campbell- Joshua Campbell Accomplishes Getting His CDL

Eugene Cannida- Eugene Cannida describes his experience at CSS

Jesus Cardenas – Student Interview with Jesus Cardenas

Carlos Casarez – Carlos Casarez Plans His New Career

Michael Catalano – Congratulations Michael!

Earl Churchill – Earl Churchill Featured By Interfaith Community Services

Robert Clark – Robert Clark Overcomes His Busy Schedule

Matthew Cooper – Dedicated Marine Graduates with Truck and Bus Licenses

Jeremy Crowe – Jeremy Crowe Shares His Training Experience


Tremayne Dale- Pre-hired Before Completing

Michael Davies – Freedom to Be My Own Boss

Nicolas Delgado- Nicolas Delgado Gets His CDL

Joseph Droegemeier – After Driving Over the Road

Ruben Duran – Determined to Succeed


Andy Eisenstein – Grateful Student Secures Employment with Wackenhut

Brian Ellis – Brian Expands His Business After Obtaining CDL


Steve Fisher – Steve Fisher Shares His Story

Timothy Flacy – Mr. Cross Country

Jaime Flores – Jaime Flores Graduates On Time for the New Year

Juan C. Flores – Juan Carlos Flores Hits the Ground Running with New Job

Rene Flores Bergmann – Rene’s Video

Connie Fowler – US Marine Gets CDL Just In Time


Timothy Gaddis – Timothy Gaddis Reaches Success

Raul Gastelum – Kyle, Natalie & Raul – USMC Twentynine Palms

Andrew Greene – USMC Greene Gets Truck License

Garrette Guidry – Mechanic & Marine


Robert Hammons – Robert Hammons Gets CDL for His Job

Todd Harris – Interviewing Graduate Todd Harris

William Haynes- Interview with William Haynes

Abram Hernandez – Abram Hernandez Earns New Skill

Cody Hespen – Cody’s Positive Training Experience Leads to Tanker Job

David Hinds – CCS Athlete and Hunter

Christopher Hinojosa – Chris Hinojosa Walks Miles and Gets CDL



Natalie Jasso-Padilla – Girly Driver

Travis Johnson, Matthew Ockerman, Johnathon Allen, Michael Davies, Luis Quintero-Espinoza, Raul Gastelum – Memorable Training Moments

Joseph Jones – Trucking Graduate’s Success


Richard Koplin – CCS Provides a Smooth Transition For Richard Koplin


Jordan Lance – Jordan’s Training Goes Smoothly

Michael Letcher – Michael Letcher Trains for Dream Job

Joseph Lettier – Graduate Joseph Lettier Gets His Truck and Bus License

Chris Lopez – Video: Graduates Talk About Their Training


Danny Manghane – Danny Graduates and Lands a Job!

Samuel Medina – Samuel Medina Gets His Truck and Bus License

Travis Mooney – Naval Man Travis Mooney Gets Full Commercial License


Phillip Nye – Phillip Nye’s Career Opportunity


Victor Ortega – Positive Attitude Gets Victor to Graduate

James and Shannon Ozuna – James and Shannon Ozuna Get Their CDLs


Aaron Peralta – Aaron Peralta Overcomes Training Hurdles

Vincent Popovich – Video: Graduates Talk About Their Training

Robert Puga – Marine Robert Puga Gets His CDL


Orlando Rivera- Marine Orlando Rivera Gets His CDL

Jesus Ruiz – Jesus Achieves His Accomplishments


Albert Sais – Albert Follows His Father’s Path in Trucking

Adam Schlusser – Video: Adam Schlusser Graduates With His CDL

Alex  Schwartz – CDL Provides Alex Schwartz With a Plan

Marius Sipa – Network Admin Takes On Trucking Career

Daniel Sivak- Daniel Sivak Gains New Skills

John Skaggs – Congratulations to John Skaggs!

Collin Smith – Collin Ayers Smith Chooses CCS

Heath Sparks – Heath Sparks Gets His CDL

Gabby Stokes – Gabby Stokes Earns Bus License


Natalie Tinkham – Kyle, Natalie & Raul – USMC Twentynine Palms

Blake Townsend – Blake Townsend Talks About His Training

Lidia Trigueros – Student Transfer

John Tu – John Tu’s Experience at Two Schools

Eric Tunny – Eric Tunny Expands His Driver Training



Gerald Vance – How Gerald Defines CCS

Lang Vang – Lang’s Interview

Raul Velazquez – Video: Graduates Talk About Their Training


Kirk Wahrman – Another Step Closer to Employment

Michael Waldron III – Michael Waldron III Gets CDL and Passenger Endorsement

Kyle Webster – Kyle, Natalie & Raul – USMC Twentynine Palms

Steve Welton – From Student to Successful Graduate

Nickey Wheeler – Marine Graduates with Career Options

Lance Wilson – Graduating Homeland Security & Investigations

John Wise – Graduate Benefits from Instructor’s Teaching Methods

Wade Wright – Trucking Graduate Finds Work


Tony Yanez – Navy Grad Featured in the GI Jobs Magazine


Rudy Zavala – Rudy Talks About CDL Training At CCS

Chris & Leslie Zimmerman – Navy Sailor Gets CDL & Teams Up With Wife

Students Passed the California DMV Test

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