Commercial Bus Program

Our Commercial Bus program is a 2 week course (full time):
Students will receive training for their Class B license with passenger endorsement to include airbrakes. This training will prepare graduates to work as a bus driver.

The primary objective is to prepare graduates for an entry level position in the transportation industry as a Class B Commercial Bus Driver. The student will be taught the FMCSR rules and regulations, operational aspects, trip planning, map reading, and public and employee relations.

Students train on full size equipment so our graduates are prepared to work for a major carrier. We have 40’ coach bus which can hold up to 47 passengers.

Typical positions for graduates include:
Cross Country Driver, Team Driver, Intrastate Driver

We have a Bus Class starting this Monday and our classes reoccur as often as every 4 weeks.

Let’s schedule a school visit to get you started for our next class available.
•We will discuss your career and training goals as well as go over the program in detail to make sure it fits your needs.
•We will also discuss placement assistance and the specific jobs we can help you with at graduation.
•Then finish up with discussing funding options that may be available to you to help cover the cost of your tuition.

From Yuma to Twentynine Palms to Oceanside!

Just in this past week, CCS has hit job fairs all across the southwest meeting with prospective students and employers.

These job fairs are an opportunity for prospective students, current students, and graduates to get to know employers and very possibly get their foot in the door on a job. Graduate Robert Puga shared with us numerous times that he is really happy with his job. He came back to visit us during the events only to tell us further that he is moving on up with the company that he got in to. Going to job fairs and events like these will help students network and gain success like Robert has.

Stay tuned for upcoming events– a job just might be around the corner!

Camp Pendleton Job Fair – EASing Marines with our admissions representative Valente Villalobos

Twentynine Palms Job Fair – Instructor/Admissions Rep Ward Violanti, Placement Coordinator Marcelle Gerard, Instructor Supervisor Donnavin Francois

50th Annual Yuma Air Show – Visitor showing young boy about trucks and tankers

50th Annual Yuma Air Show – Air show participants checking out our KW

Michael Davies: “Freedom to Be My Own Boss”

Update 02/17/12: Michael is going to begin working this Monday! Congratulations!

He has obtained his commercial class A license and passenger endorsement out in our Oceanside contract training site.

For Michael, independence is very important. “I left the Navy in Sept. 2010. The economy is terrible. I tried conventional college and found that it was not for me. CCS offered me something that college would not: freedom to be my own boss.”

CCS placement coordinator Marcelle Gerard has been working with Michael to help him land a job. “He’s going over the road,” she talked about his plans. Marcelle describes Michael as “very energetic” and “passionate.” He is “very supportive of the other students” and is always exchanging pictures with those that are currently over the road. At the moment, Marcelle said, companies “***** and ***** are right on top of him. He definitely has prospects, they’re looking at him.”

Once again we congratulate Michael on his successful completion and we wish him luck in all of his endeavors!

Dedicated Marine Graduates with Truck and Bus Licenses

Matthew Cooper from Twentynine Palms completed both his commercial truck and bus driver training very recently, graduating quickly due to his dedication and enthusiasm with learning.

“The moment that stands out the most is when I started driving a semi on the road and realized how big a job truck drivers really have. As a result of that I have a new respect for truck drivers, and will never cut them off or pull out in front of them again,” he explained.

“I’m going to be honest,” Matt told us, “Before taking classes to get out of the Marines, I had never heard of CCS. An instructor came to the [TAP] class and gave a presentation and I thought, ‘why not?’ I figured even if I didn’t want to be a truck driver it could always be my back up plan.”

He shared more thoughts regarding his training, “Couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated instructor [...] They will continue to train you until you are a competent driver.”

“Amazing student, he picked up very quickly,” said Ward Violanti, Twentynine Palms lead instructor. “You can tell him something once and he got it… and he did. I was a little tougher on him. I didn’t hold him back.”

Now that he has graduated, Matt has a job opportunity possibly set up but also has another plan to become state police back home. Once again, we congratulate Matt for his speedy and exceptional completion of our truck and bus course and we wish him luck in all of his future endeavors!