Military Personel uses TA to attend CDL program

California Career School would like to congratulate another US Marine who attended our Truck Driving School in 29 Palms for receiving both his class A with passenger endorsement. Chad was actually covered under his Post 911 with no money out of his pocket.  We have had hundreds of US Marines use their Tuition Assistance program to attend California Career School just this past year with a 96% success rate of receiving a real career after separating out of the military with no previous training or experience. Chad first learned about the school from the instructor himself.

“I had been wanting to get my CDL before leaving the Marine Corp but I did not know where I could learn. After hearing Ward speak I decided to give it a shot”

Chad did not have any previous training before starting the course; he stated that “the challenge was to learn something new that I had never done before (driving a manual). I am a quick learner so I didn’t have any doubt that if I applied myself and put in the hours that I would pass the DMV”

Chad’s big sense of accomplishment was when he finally mastered the Alley Docking. One thing that Chad found most valuable during his training was “every time Ward would correct me, he would tell me a story about how he had also made that mistake before and how it can really happen and affect you”.

“This is a great program and they put a lot on the line to help military guys like us. To make sure we are all taken care of and pass at the DMV” – Chad

Chad is moving back to his home state of Maryland after he gets out of the Marine Corp and is looking to pursue a career in truck driving. Thanks so much Chad! We wish you the best of luck here at CCS!

Graduate Joseph Lettier Gets His Truck and Bus License

Congratulations to Joseph Lettier for graduating with his commercial truck and bus driver license! He had a few things to share with us after passing both of his driving tests. Class isn’t easy– he told us, “Biggest moment… when Ward just keep going over skills and didn’t move on till I got it and Ryan when he didn’t let me move on with driving till I got it– seemed to me that they cared about my success.” Our Twentynine Palms instructors Ward and Ryan, he described, were “friendly, cool, and knowledgeable.”

He came to CCS because “it […] seemed to be more of a firm school than *** and the credit hours for college. […] They offer more in friendship and training offers than any other school.”

Once again, congratulations to Joseph for getting his unrestricted class A with passenger endorsement! We are always here to assist in any of your CDL job searches even years from now.

Marine Graduates With Career Options

USMC Nickey Wheeler graduated from our course and obtained the unrestricted class A license with passenger endorsement!

“A buddy of mine told me about the course, so we came out and talked with Instructor Ward. Ward gave me information on the course and walked me through the tuition assistance program. So with a positive impression about the school I decided to spend the Marine Corps’ money for something positive.”

“[I] got a lot of options,” Nick said. It could be jumping into the truck driving over the road or going back home to get his associate’s degree in criminal justice to become a state trooper. He is currently a military police officer and security and commercial truck knowledge packs a powerful combo. “Just one more thing on my resume!”

For the holidays he wants to spend time with his family and kids. He told us what his kids thought about him being a truck driver, “[My son] thinks it’s pretty neat!” Nick said he would definitely have him sit in the cab, “He’d get a kick out of it!”

We asked him: what did you immediately want to do? “Relax a bit,” he told us, “then hit the ground running again.” Now that he has many options for his career, we wish him luck in all of his future endeavors. Congrats again Nick!

Graduate Benefits from Instructor’s Teaching Methods

Marine John Wise recently acquired his class A and passenger endorsement at our Oceanside training location just minutes outside of Camp Pendleton. He had a few things to share about his learning experiences with our instructors over the duration of his training. John graduated from class in just over a month!

John wanted to thank both of his instructors, Jose Ballesteros and Joseph Evins. “They’re all about the student learning.” He described Joseph as “smooth” and “breaks it down step by step.” Jose, on the other hand, is someone he felt was, “fact-based, fast-paced” and geared towards “fast learners.” To John, it was important to receive constructive criticism and this is something that Jose did not hesitate to provide. “Jose’s a trip,” he laughed. “They make a good team.”

“Right now,” he told us, “I’m still active duty. […] I’m waiting for a transportation company in New York.” He had already sent in his resume and is hoping for the good news to come up soon.

“I would definitely recommend the school,” John said, citing our accreditation and flexibility with our Military students. “I enjoyed [the class]– it was fun to me. If I could do it all day, I would.”

Once again, congratulations to John for completing the course successfully and quickly. We wish him luck in his endeavors in New York!

Hugo Barron Builds His Career

Our graduate Hugo Barron got his truck and bus driver licenses and began working in a matter of a few months!

Weeks ago, he told our placement coordinator Marcelle Gerard, “I’ve decided to take ***** up on his offer. Training starts Nov. 28th. I’d like to thank you guys for being the stepping stone between my military service and my next career move.”

For Hugo, Marcelle wanted to share, “It is not often that someone’s first interaction with a company is in person and not through an online application. Upon first being introduced to this hiring company, Hugo met the recruiting manager who would be one of the deciding factors affecting his offer of employment.” This was at a presentation made just for our students and graduates.

“It’s personal right from the beginning,” Marcelle continued. “This company gets the feel for you in person as opposed to just looking at a resume. We are appreciative of the visits that they make to provide presentations and chances for meeting our students. Without this opportunity, our students succeed with less limitations for their future. I am so happy that Hugo has found a home with this company and that we were able to support him along his own path to success!”

She touched base with him shortly after and Hugo replied, “Everything is going great! I’m in my 2nd week of training. It’s almost unreal how well they value their workers. Met the company president. […] The compensation for our hard work is generous and benefits are excellent. It’s hard work but worth every bit of it. The promotions are there all it takes is time and hard work. I have full intentions on making this a career. “

Marine Robert Puga Gets His CDL

Robert Puga recently earned his class A license passing each of the three tests on his very first try. Robert talks about his experiences with California Career School and what he plans to do with his new license.

We asked him about what led him to CCS. “Well for one the school is accredited and its been around for 41 years,” Robert described. “My buddy ***** is the one who told me about CCS and said the training methods were good.”

“The challenge for me,” he went on, “was I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got out [of the military]. I thought that maybe if I could not find a job I could use my class A to find a job. Now having driven a big rig I know that’s what I want to do.”

Experiencing something new is not without surprises, trials, and tribulations. “The difficulties or obstacles during my training were the alley dock and parallel parking. I overcame those obstacles because I had an instructor there to guide me in the right direction.” However, Robert reflected, “The moments that stand out from my training is the confidence the instructors had in me.” He went on to describe his instructors Ward, Ryan, John, and Randall as, “effective, knowledgeable, [and] understanding.”

“What [was] surprising and unexpected was how soon you get to start driving.”

In the end, what was most valuable to him was the design of the course. “Breaking up the training objectives and moving on to do different things during class,” Robert shared with us.

“It is a great school and would recommend to my friends… If you want knowledgeable instructors with OJT [on the job training] come to CCS.”

Congratulations to Robert and we wish you luck in your future endeavors with your new-found commercial truck driver’s license!